The light car & Edwardian

The light car & Edwardian Section of the VSCC held its Driving Tests and Trial in April. The results are as follows: Llwynbarried Trophy: Peter Gledhill (1928 A7); Winifred Boddy Trophy: Ann Robins (1928 A7); Hutchings Trophy: Elizabeth Colledge (1929 A7). Driving Tests: First-Class Awards: T Dixon (1929 Morris Minor), P Rosoman (1930 A7), W Teague (1922 GN), C Hamilton Gould (1930 Morris Minor) and D Roscoe (Overland). Second-Class Awards: P Gledhill (A7), R Marsh (A7), R Parsons (GN), C Piecey (Trojan) and P Diffey (Humber). Trial: First-Class Awards: P Livesey (1921 GN), A Thorpe (1929 A7), Sue Woodward (1930 A7),

P Gledhill (1928 A7), H Hiclding (1917 Dodge). Second-Class: D Roscoe (1913 Overland), Sue Livesey (GN), K Hill (Talbot), R Marsh (A7) and B Gray (A7).