Off the blocks

Back on the track this year, 15 years on from its last race, is the unique Bardon DB2 Group C2 car that started life as the Arundel C200.

Commissioned by Eddie Arundel in 1984, this one-off was designed by Gary Anderson and built by Scorpion Racing with a DFL engine. It contested Group C races in 1984 with Arundel and James Weaver, but was damaged in a Thundersports shunt in '86.

John Bartlett and Robin Donovan bought the remains, rebuilt it and dubbed it the Bardon. It contested Le Mans in 1986 and '87, but failed to finish. It also ran in Group C with Nick Adams, Kenneth Leim and Max Cohen-Olivar. Its last race was Kyalami in '87.

Six years later it was acquired in bits by Duncan McKay and Ian Fraser, and has had a lengthy rebuild. Mackay plans to race the car in the historic Group C race at Le Mans.