Top British rallies trim routes in costs drive

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Both Tour Britannia and the Roger Albert Clark Rally will run with condensed routes in 2012, aimed at reducing costs for competitors while retaining the unique challenge of the two disparate events.

Tour Britannia, which starts in Harrogate on June 6, will run over two and a half days rather three in a bid to trim costs for competitors.

Instead of running into Saturday, the route will now finish at Harrogate on Friday evening after races at Croft and Cadwell Park on Thursday and Friday. Meanwhile, November’s Roger Albert Clark Rally is set to feature a dramatically revised route, including finishing on Sunday evening instead of Monday afternoon, in order to contain costs.

“I’m asking our customers what they want,” said rally manager Colin Heppenstall.

The proposed changes could trim £500 per crew from the cost of competing, but would still offer the same amount of competitive miles.