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Editor Joe Dunn
Editor-at-Large Gordon Cruickshank
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Art Editor Damon Cogman
Staff Designer Andy Coates
Photographer Lyndon McNeil
Staff Writer Samarth Kanal
Digital Assistant Graham Keilloh
Contributing Editors Andrew Frankel, Doug Nye, Mat Oxley
Special Contributors Gary Watkins, Jennie Gow, Simon de Burton, Paul Fearnley
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Special thanks to the following for helping with this issue
Roger Penske & Adam Carolla, for their time; Alan Gow, for his taste in restaurants; Keith Bristow, for access to his Lotus 19


+44 (0) 20 7349 8484
[email protected]

Commercial Director Sean Costa
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Advertising Manager Laura Holloway
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Project Manager Zamir Walimohamed
Brand and E-commerce Manager Neal Rawlinson
Subscriptions Marketing Manager Samantha Nasser
Senior Customer Services Executive Henrique Da Silva
Event and Content Manager Helena Barrow     

Founder Editor Bill Boddy MBE
Proprietor Edward Atkin CBE

Details matter.

More than just bonnet decoration. Aston Martin’s DBR9 GT1 challenger, which we tested for this month’s Le Mans special, was built with sheer performance in mind. So it’s surprising to see the Aston badge stand proud from the bodywork, instead of recessed within it. According to the Prodrive engineers that built it, however, the badge actually helped with directing airflow over the car when it was exposed. No details are too small at Le Mans.

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