Product reviews: Stay at home special

As people get used to working from home, there’s an opportunity to make the most of it with the finest in automotive luxury


Smithers of Stamford ‘Carbecue’

British designer Smithers of Stamford often upcycles automotive bits and pieces to create bespoke items. This wonderfully titled ‘Carbecue’ is arguably the coolest of automotive cooking equipment. Built from the front end of a reclaimed Ambassador taxi, it houses a fully functioning multi-burner gas barbecue, with accessory hooks hidden on the underside of the bonnet. Be the envy of all your neighbours at lunch. But beware, the cooking smell will likely drift further than the two-metre social distancing guideline…


Power Seats office chairs

Sitting comfortably almost certainly doesn’t get better, or more customisable, than this. Polish furniture company Power Seats can build an adjustable office chair out of almost any car seat imaginable. Amazingly, they’re built to ensure the seats retain all the original power-adjustability from the original car. Some of the models produced include a Bugatti Chiron, Bentley Continental GT and even a range using the furnishings from the Rolls Royce Phantom Coupé Series II. Each seat is matched to a bespoke base which incorporates a built-in rechargeable battery, and the seat controls work as they would in the car. The seats also come with a custom footrest. The design possibilities are nearly endless. State the car you want as a base, and Power Seats will get creating. They probably won’t make one to match an Austin Allegro…
From €5590,

Mercedes desk tidy

Sick of those plastic pots your pens keep rattling around in? Well, Mercedes has the answer for you in the form of this race-used carbon-fibre and dog ring desk tidy. Gather your best pens securely in one place by snaring them inside a race-used dog ring from a Mercedes W03 Formula 1 car, as raced by Michael Schumacher and Nico Rosberg during the 2012 F1 campaign. If you didn’t know about the part itself, it’s 60mm smaller than a standard dog ring, which, according to the blurb, “allowed the team to run a shorter gear cluster, smaller gearbox and therefore a selection of varied wheelbases during the races”. It’s mounted on a carbon-fibre pot, with the team logo inlaid.

Rolex Daytona wall clocks

Nothing enlivens an office wall quite like a giant racing-themed timepiece, but securing an official and ultra-rare Rolex ‘dealer clock’ can cost you almost as much as the Swiss firm’s exotic wrist pieces. But Best Wall Clock has a line of tribute clocks, each one styled in deference to one of Rolex’s most famous designs. Our pick would be the Paul Newman edition of the sought-after 6263 Daytona Cosmograph. The story goes that Joanne Woodward bought a 6239 Daytona from Tiffany and Co as a gift to husband Newman. Once worn publicly, his image helped create an exclusive Rolex model. While the real thing was sold for £15m back in October 2017, and became the most expensive wrist watch ever, this version is far more affordable.

Cross Townsend Ferrari pen

Tie-ins between a Formula 1 team and a stationer are on the more unlikely side of F1’s commercial deals, but it has spawned this officially licensed Scuderia Ferrari writing instrument from British maker Cross Townsend. It’s available in a range of options, from ballpoint to fountain, and comes in three Ferrari finishes – Rosso Red, Gloss Black or a Ferrari-designed etched honeycomb pattern. The two-tone layered clip has been designed to mimic the shape of a grand prix car’s nosecone and cockpit when viewed from the top down, and it is finished with a Ferrari crest. Perfect for jotting your lap charts down at Mallory Park when the sport starts up again.

Porsche exhaust speakers

Being stuck at home can be a lonely old business, so music and radio can become essential to liven the mood. And what better way to hear your favourite tunes than through a reclaimed Porsche exhaust? This desktop Bluetooth speaker is built from the rear pipes of a 911 GT3 and incorporates a 60-watt speaker system. It’s also fitted with a lithium-ion battery, giving up to 24 hours of music even when on the move. It also incorporates the latest in wireless technology, allowing you to link more than one speaker together to enhance the sound. If you’re feeling flush, there’s a matching soundbar available for a rather heftier €3500.

Escapism specials

With no real-life racing happening, here’s some of the best ways to get your short-term fix

F1 Manager App
Take control of your very own team in F1’s new official management sim. Available on Apple, Android and Google Play.
Free, with in-app purchases

Autocourse 2019-2020
Autocourse is the definitive motor racing annual. It’s a great way to relive 2019. At this rate, the 70th edition could be rather short…

Racing Jigsaws

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