2022 Mercedes EQS review: The future starts here

The Mercedes EQS is an EV you’ll want to spend time in. This is an historic moment


A claimed range of 442 miles, good looks and packed full of character. Mercedes has an EV winner

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The svelte shape in front of you is many things: the first Mercedes EV to be developed from scratch as an EV, and an indicative pointer into Benz’s EV future to name but two. Most importantly however is that it is the world’s first standard production genuinely luxury EV.

In many ways, the luxury car format is perfect for an EV: the weight matters far less than usual and helps with ride quality, there’s silence and instant torque to power you away from rest. In theory it works brilliantly.

And so too does it in practice. This is more than just a capable car, blessed not only with the quiet, comfort and sybaritic surroundings you might expect, but a couple of additional assets you might not. Range is one: Merc claims 442 miles, which is certainly optimistic, but 400 is not. Were I able to afford one, this is the first EV with which I could live out here in the boonies capable of my one non-neg requirement – Heathrow and back without stopping.

The other is charm. It looks great and works well, but there’s more: you find yourself looking for excuses to spend time in it, which is not something I’m used to saying about any EV. The interior, with the optional 141cm wide ‘hyperscreen’, is fascinating and the EQS is even precise and indulgent on a decent road. The only real problem is the price. But if this ability can filter down to more affordable models, no longer will I dread this kind of EV future.

Mercedes-Benz EQS 450+ Premium Plus specification

Price £116,160
Engine Front electric motor, 108 kWh battery
Power 325bhp
Torque 568lb ft
Weight 2480kg
Power to weight 131bhp per tonne
Transmission Single-speed, rear-wheel drive
0-60mph 6.2sec
Top speed 130mph
Range 442 miles (WLTP, claimed)
Verdict Big price, but it’s pure class.