2024 Ford Transit review

This Ford Transit knows what it needs to do and does it well

get the Range Rover driving position at a fraction of the price

Get the Range Rover driving position at a fraction of the price


If you’re reading this, it means the editor has seen fit to allow a van review to fill part of a precious page of the world’s oldest – and greatest – motor sport magazine. He is clearly an enlightened and very fine fellow. Because he knows what we know: vans matter, particularly to the racing community. If you’ve not driven one of late, you may be rather surprised at where the state of this particular art has reached.

Take this brand new Ford Transit Custom. Ford now sells Transits in three sizes: the Connect, which is actually a rebadged VW Caddy, this mid-range Custom version (upon which the next VW Transporter will be based) and its high-roof, long-wheelbase derivative simply known as the Transit.

For less money than an electric Astra you get a van that will carry three times as much clobber as a full-sized SUV, accept a greater load than a one tonne pick-up and tow up to 2500kg while keeping you in air-conditioned comfort as you go about your business with the help of everything from bum warmers to CarPlay. It’s quiet, it’s comfortable, it’s frugal, it weighs less than a BMW M3 Touring and it’s bloody brilliant.

Downsides? It only seats three, and it’s helpful if the passengers are well-acquainted, because they certainly will be by journey’s end. But it comes into that category of vehicle I like most: those that know what they are for, and focus on doing that job better than anything else. After all those expensive crossover, hybrid, plug-in cod-SUVs, this feels good. AF

Ford Transit Custom 2.0 TDCI H1

  • Price £39,460
  • Engine 2 litres, four cylinders, diesel
  • Power 134bhp at 3250rpm
  • Torque 287lb ft at 1750rpm
  • Weight 1892kg (DIN)
  • Transmission Eight-speed automatic, front-wheel drive
  • 0-60mph Approx 10sec
  • Top speed Approx 100mph
  • Economy 41.5mpg (WLTP)
  • CO2 178g/km (WLTP)
  • Verdict Step aside crossover SUVs.