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THE R.A.C. RALLY ENT RI ES for the R.A.C. Rally closed on Monday, 5th February, with the record total of 400. The Regulations provided for this number as the maximum that could be accepted, but actually nearly 450 entries were received by the R.A.C. It has been necessary therefore, to return the surplus with regret at the inevitable disappointment which will naturally be felt by these intending

A Record Entry.

entrants. The entry is the largest which has ever been received for any motoring competition in this country.

The total of 400 is made up of 108 in Class 1 for cars over 16 h.p. ; 158 in Class 2 for cars from 10 h.p. to 16 h.p., and 134 in Class 3 for cars up to 10 h.p. Every type of car is represented from the seven horse power ” baby” saloon to the largest luxury ciir. The Rally

takes place on 13th-17th March and finishes at Bournemouth.

Forty-seven of the cars are entered by ladies and will be eligible for the Ladies’ Prizes. Of the nine starting points, London again reached the maximum of 100. The following is the number of entries in classes from each Control :

J. B. Thompson, 30 h.p. Ford. J. V. Toft, 20 h.p. Rover.

Chas. Boot, J.P., 44 h.p. Rolls-Royce.

M. E. Mitchell, 24 h.p. Class 2 (Over 10 0.p. and Up to 16

F. B. Allen, 12 h.p. Armstrong Siddeley.

C. X. Anthony, 12 h.p. Aston Martin.

F. S. Barnes, 12.95 h.p. Singer. S. J. Clutterbuck, 12 h.p. Rover. S. P. Thurston, 14 h.p. Talbot.

M. Newnhara, 13 h.p. Triumph. Capt. J. P. Black, 12 h.p. Standard. J. G. Pige-Leschallas, 16 h.p. A.C. S. Swiddell, 12 h.p. Standard Avon. J. I,. Wilson, 12 h.p. Alvis.

C. G. H. Dunham, 14 h.p. Rover. W. A. McKenzie, 16 h.p. Bentley.

3. W. Mills, 13 h.p. Sunbeam.

E. Hasel, 15.9 h.p. Crossley.

A. W. Hubble, 15.7 h.p. Crossley.

A. K. Hunt, 12 h.p. Wolseley Hornet Special.

W. E. Clay, 12 h.p. M.G. Magna.

E. Taft, 14 h.p. Rover. (Class 3 (up to 10 h.p.)

Mrs. R. Gough, 9 h.p. Riley. Mrs. P. H. Johnson, 8 h.p. M.G. J. Harrop, 8 h.p. M.G.

M. C. Wolks, 10 h.p. Rover.

C. B. Packer and P. T. Hanby, 8 h.p. Ford.

H. Hodgkinson, 8 h.p. M.G.

P. Appleton, 10 hp. Lanchester.

R. W. Hancock, 8 h.p. M.G. Midget.

J. B. Rothwell, 9 h.p. Riley.

W. N. Evans, 8.9 h.p. Singer.

J. H. Beckwith, 8 h.p. M.G.

V. Riley, 9 h.p. Riley.

C. W. Hough, 9 h.p. Singer.

Miss K. M. Bradbury, 9 h.p. Riley. J. H. Lowick, 8.05 h.p. M.G.

J. S. Fruin, 8.9 h.p. Singer. P. McEntee, 9 h.p. Riley.

J. H. Kentsley, 9 h.p. Riley.

M. A. McEvoy, 10 h.p. B.S.A. GLASGOW Class 1 (over 16 h.p.)

K. W. B. Sanderson, 20 h.p. Alvis.

J. P. Agnew, 18 h.p. Talbot.

Miss B. M. B. Smith, 20 h.p. Alvis.

K. N. Hutchison, 30 h.p. Ford.

R. D. Hunmam, 20 h.p. S.S.I. Class 2 (over 10 h.p. and up to 16 h.p.)

C. D. Siddeley, 12 h.p. Armstrong Siddeley. . Mint, 16 h.p. Alfa-Romeo.

G. C. S. Turner, 12 h.p. Riley.

S. B. Wilks, 12 h.p. Rover. R. W. Costa, 12 h.p. Alvis.

Miss A. Gibson-Watt, 14 h.p. Riley.

C. G. Seddon, 16 h.p. Lagonda.

Miss V. M. Wilby, 12 h.p. Frazer-Nash.

H. G. Strong, 16 h.p. Standard.

K. N. Hutchison, 16 h.p. A.C. March Special.

Class 3 (up to 10 h.p.) J. M. Archer, 10 h.p. Lanchester. Miss E. A. Ferguson, 9 h.p. Riley.

N. Garrad, 10 h.p. Crossley. HARROGATE Class 1 (over 16 h.p.)

J. A. Middleton-Joy, 20 h.p. Armstrong Siddeley.

C. Mann, 30.1 h.p. Ford.

N. Orimaluktc, 2R h.p. Essex. Class 2 (over 10 h.p. and up to 18 h.p.)

Mrs. E. M. Staniland, 12 h.p. Armstrong Siddeley. J. H. Stothert, 12 h.p. Aston-Martin.

F. A. Rhodes, 12 h.p. Aston-Martin.

C. H. Smith, 16 h.p. Morris-Oxford. Dr. H. L. Rogerson, 12 h.p. M.G.

Dr. A. W. MacQuarrie, 12 h.p. Morris Ten-Six.

L. Hall, 12 h.p. Standard.

J. W. Naylor, 11.9 h.p. M.G. Magna.

V. Riley, 14 h.p. Riley.

A. G. Pointing, 12 h.p. Riley.

A. S. Pearce, 16 h.p. Standard.

J. Kingston-Whittaker, 12 h.p. M.G. Magnetic.

B. N. Wilmott, 14 h.p. Rover. Mrs. M. W. Stanton, 12 h.p. Riley.

J• B. Beun, 11.9 h.p. Hornet Swallow.

Class 3 (up to 10 h.p.) S. A. Roebuck, 9 h.p. Singer.

E. N. R. Hewitt, 9.5 h.p. Triumph. Miss J. Astbury, 9 h.p. Singer.

R. I. Forbes, 10 h.p. Triumph.

H. C. Hobson, 7.8 h.p. Austin. Miss M. Jennings, 10 h.p. Rover.

E. A. Denny, 9 h.p. Riley.

F. E. Salter, 10 h.p. Standard.

G. C. Stead, 8 h.p. Austin. Miss E. J. Hirst, 8 h.p. Morris Minor.

S. M. Thompson, 8 h.p. Austin. LEAMINGTON Class 1 (over 16 h.p.)

Major C. F. Dingwall, 18 h.p. Austin.

Miss B. Skinner, 17.9 h.p. Morris-Cowley.

J. Higginbottom Grime, 17.7 h.p. Morris Isis.

J. Margerisoni 23.8 h.p. Sunbeam.

A. J. Masland, 30 h.p. Ford.

Captain J. P. Black, 20 1.1.p. Standard.

H. Hillcoat, 30 h.p. Ford.

E. C. Harris, 17 h.p. Alvis.

R. A. Harding, 20 h.p. S.S.I.

B. Sleath, 19.9 h.p. Swallow S.S.I. J. D. Burton, 21 h.p. Vauxhall.

F. C. Ashby, 30 h.p. Ford.

J. N. Morris, 24 h.p. Vauxhall. P. A. James, 23.8 h.p. Sunbeam.

G. Readings, 17 h.p. Essex Terraplane.

C. H. Ship, 20 h.p. Lagonda.

J. R. Allcroft, 30 h.p. Lagonda. Hal Hill, 43.3 h.p. Rolls-Royce.

G. Wood, 20 h.p. Buick.

F. Hallam, 17 h.p. Alvis.

Class 2 (over 10 h.p. and up to 16 h.p.). Miss L. M. Roper, 12 h.p. Armstrong Siddeley.

K. B. Wilks, 12 h.p. Rover.

E. H. 13anfield, 12 h.p. M.G. Magna.

Miss M. V. Milne, 12 h.p. Armstrong Siddeley.

L. I,. Hunt, 12 h.p. Wolseley. Hal Turner, 16 h.p. Bentley.

T. MacCabe, 13 h.p. Marendaz. A. Harley, 16 h.p. Lagonda.

Mrs. M. E. Donnithorne, 16 h.p. Lagonda.

V. L. Parry, 12 h.p. M.G. Magna.

S. V. Holbrook, 15 h.p. Daimler.

W. Turner, 16 h.p. Standard.

A. J. D. Mackintosh, 11.9 h.p. Morris-Cowley.

J. F. George, 12 h.p. Riley.

A. St. V. East, 16 h.p. Acedes.

A. St. V. East, 15 h.p. Daimler.

Miss M. Whitney, 13.84 h.p. Rover.

L. P. Lee, 12.95 h.p. Triumph. J. A. Flewitt, 15.9 h.p. Austin.

C. C. W. Burrage, 12 h.p. Standard.

G. S. Sanders, 12 h.p. M.G. Magna.

G. 11. R. Chaplin, 16 h.p. S.S.

F. P. Smith, /3 h.p. Wolseley Hornet Special.

Class 3 (up to 10 h.p.) Mrs. S. H. Richards, 10 h.p. Standard. J. C. Ridley, 10 h.p. Triumph. Wm. Jackson, 9 h.p. Riley.

Wm. J. Shakespeare, 10 h.p. Austin. Wm. R. Brown, 10 h.p. Rover.

J. A. H. Gott, 9 h.p. Singer.

F. S. Barnes, 8.93 h.p. Singer.

F. Leslie-Smith, 9 h.p. Singer. Captain J. P. Black, 9 h.p. Standard. S. H. Newsome, 9 h.p.

Miss Z. L. Burn, 9 h.p. Riley.

G. W. Olive, 10 h.p. Avon Standard. A. J. Blake, 9.8 h.p. Crossley.

D. S. Rand, 9.01 h.p. Riley. LIVERPOOL Class 1 (over 16 h.p.)

G. ‘Warburton, 23.4 h.p. Vauxhall.

G. H. Wilbraham 18 h.p. Lanchester.

R. H. Gregory, 18.82 h.p. Alvis.

Major A. D. Carey, 0.B.F,., 20 h.p. S.S.I.

R. D. Tong, 30 h.p. Lagonda.

W. A. Atkinson, 21 h.p. Talbot.

A. S. W. Tickle, 33 h.p. Bugatti.

j. McEvoy, Ford.

W. N. Couper, 18 h.p. Talbot.

T. V. G. Selby, 26 h.p. Chrysler.

Class 2 (over 10 h.p. and up to 16 h.p.) ti. S. ‘,infield, 12 h.p. Armstrong Siddeley.

Frideaux-Brune, 12 h.p. Aston Martin. Major D. E. M. Douglas-Morris, 12 h.p. invieta. A. 0. Rollick, 14 h.p. Rover.

Captain E. H. Hill, 13 h.p. Lagonda.

E. D. Grierson, 12.50 h.p. M.G. Magna.

R. M. L. Lemon, 12.08 h.p. Wolseley.

A. M. Scott, 14 h.p. Rover. Miss F. B. Cranmore, 12 h.p. Morris Ten Six

J. Woodhead, 12 h.p. Aston Martin.

P. D. Hulse, 16 h.p. S.S.I.

Miss P. Deacon and H. L. Bean, 12 h.p. Humber.

N. 1). Ryder, 13 h.p. Sunbeam. A. Templeton, 12 h.p. M.G. Magna.

C. A. Hopkins, 14 h.p. Vauxhall.

Class 3 (up to 10 h.p.) A. N. McKechnie, 9 h.p. Riley.

T. S. Heaton Fairdough, 9 h.p. Riley. Miss D. C. N. Chamtmey, 9 h.p. Riley.

M. Whitfield, 9 h.p. Standard.

G. R. Gush, 9 h.p. Riley.

A. H. Wilkinson, 9 h.p. Riley.

U. M. D. Montgomery, 9 lip. Singer.

D. Lewis, 8 h.p. M.G. Mdiget. NEWCASTLE Class 1 (over 18 h.p.)

A. 0. D. Clease, 20 h.p. S.S.I. I. Fraser Marshall, 30 h.p. Siddeley SpecialT

T. C. and C. H. Mann, 30 h.p. Lagonda. C. Bicknell, 20 h.p. Alvis.

E. Cerruti, 21 h.p. Sunbeam.

Class 2 (over 10 h.p. and up to 16 h.p.) P. Reah, 12 h.p. Armstrong Siddeley.

G. Ross, 16 h.p. Rover.

Miss E. M. Eastcott, 12 h.p. Wolseley Hornet. Mrs. NI. Williams, 13.9 h.p. Rover. Mrs. H. G. Pringle, 12 h.p. Riley.

R. H. Day-Dewdney, 14 h.p. Stoewer ).

R. J. P. Morley, 16 h.p. A.C. (Acedes).

G. W. Olive, 16 h.p. Standard.

S. R. Mitchell, 13 h.p. Marendaz.

H. E. Symons, 12 h.p. Armstrong Siddeley. Class 3 (up to 10 h.p.)

S. C. If. Davis, 10 h.p. Rover.

J. Harrison, 8 h.p. Ford Mistral. Lord de Clifford, 10 h.p. Lagonda. B. E. Appleby, 10 h.p. Aero Minx Hillman

R. C. Tibbey, 9 h.p. Singer. Mrs. I,. Baingridge, 9 h.p. Riley.

B. W. Fursdon, 7.9 h.p. Austin. NORWICH

Class 1 (over 16 h.p.) Miss R. M. Harker, 20 h.p. Sunbeam.

M. L. Curtis, 30 h.p. Ford.

H. C. Gardner, 30 h.p. Ford. Class 2 (over 10 h.p. and up to 16 h.p.)

S. Howes, 12 h.p. Armstrong Siddeley.

H. W. Henshall, 12 13.p. Alvis. A. C. Dutton, 16 h.p. Standard.

G. F. Searle, 14 h.p. Rover.

W. T. Pitt, 15.9 h.p. Hispano Suiza.

Miss I. M. Burton, 14 h.p. Vauxhall.

J. R. Humphreys, 12 h.p. Wolseley Hornet Special.

A. C. Fairtlough, 15.7 h.p. A.C. Ace.

A. H. Oxenford, 12 h.p. Standard.

H. C. Liddell, 13 h.p. Lagonda.

G. F. H. Mason, 12 h.p. Wolseley. R. le G. Norgate, 15.9 h.p. Bentley. Class 3 (up to 10 h.p.)

C. B. scrutton, 10 h.p. Lanchester.

Miss M. J. Dobson, 8 h.p. M.G. Midget.

E. G. Hughes, 8 h.p. Austin. 0. A. Hyner, 9 h.p. S.S.II.

L. K. Calver, 8 h.p. Austin. E. J. Gold, 9 h.p. Singer.

C. A. Hall, 9 h.p. Singer.

J. A. Baylay, 9 h.p. Singer.

1). A. Dalton Ruse, 9 h.p. Singer. .J• E. Mellor, 10 h.p. Hillman Aero ‘minx

V. W. Oubridge, 8 h.p. M.G. A. Westwood, 9 h.p. Singer. E. F. Ranger, 9 h.p. Singer. R. A. Brown, 8 h.p. Ford.

H. H. Oak-Rhind, 8 h.p. M.G.

H. C. Gardner, 8 h.p. Ford. C. I,. Bembridge, 9 h.p. Riley.

A. N. Huntley-Walker, 9 h.p. Riley.