The Annual General Meeting was held in the last week of January, too late for a report to be included in our February issue. Mr. L. A. Baddeley was in the chair, in place of Mr. J. Van Hoodynk, who very sportingly stood down. The report and accounts were quickly passed. After discussion, Mr. Van Hood3rnk was persuaded to continue in office as president, Mr. F. J. Crundall, Mr. J. A. Masters and Mr. 14. A. Baddeley were re-elected

to their respective offices of captain, secretary and hon. treasurer. Of the committee, all the members were reelected except Messrs. W. D. Pugh and H. B. Browning, whose places were taken by Messrs. Alan C. Hess and C. Patrick.

General business was then attended to, the first item under discussion being whether the Triple Award should be made additional to the Premier Award. “No change’s was the verdict.

Then a slight stir took place when it was discussed whether the Club should change its title to the” Motor Car Club,” or any other suggested name. But the voting was overwhelmingly in favour of the original name.

Finally came the vital question of the ban on competition tyres. The arguments were put forward with great vigour on both sides, and after a lively discussion the ban was repealed by 64 votes to 40.