HERE AND THERE, March 1936




The Grand Prix of Pau

Eleven entries were received for the first of the Round the Houses races, the Grand Prix of Pau. The course has been much improved by banking some of the sharper bends and the roads have been re-surfaced.

Great Britain is represented by C. E. C. Martin, who is driving his MonopoSto Alfa-Romeo. The official Ferrari team, consisting of Nuvolari, Brivio • and Farina, driving the new 4-litre type C cars, were entered but it was feared that they would be withdrawn owing to the Sanction position. Other entries are Somtner, Raph and Mlle. Helle-Nice (Alfas), Lehoux and Wimille (Bugattis) and Brunet and Villapadierna (Maseratis).

A New 41-Litre Bentley

The 31-litre Bentley has already earned an enviable reputation as a fast

thoroughbred sports car and the announcement of a 44-litre model will be received with enthusiasm by all motor sportsmen. The new engine, which is similar in design to the smaller one, has a capacity of 4,255 c.c. as against 3,669 c.c. The bore is increased by 6.5 ram. to 89 mm., while the stroke remains at 114 mm. The chassis specification and dimensions are unaltered : the prices are

31-litre, £1,100; £1,150.

E. R. Hall has entered a Bentley at Le Mans, and it is anticipated that this will be fitted with the 41-litre engine.

The British Empire Trophy

After four years at Brooklands, where it has been run each time with a different set of regulations, the B.R.D.C. British Empire Trophy race has now migrated to Donington, where it will be run on

the 4th April. The race will be held over a distance of 255 miles (100 laps) and cars of all capacities will be eligible. Although the event is, strictly speaking, a handicap race, there will only be an interval of 6 minutes 40 seconds from the time the limit cars (750 c.c. supercharged and 1,100 c.c. unsupercharged) are sent off until the departure of Group ” D ” (over 2.7 litres supercharged and over 5 litresunsupercharged). This will ensure a close race and some accurate time-keeping. The chief awards are : To the entrant of the winnituz car •— The “British Empire Trophy ” and 1250 To the entrant of the car placed! second :- The “Canada Trophy” and £100 To the entrant of the car placed third :- The “Australia Trophy” and £75 To the entrant of the car placed fourth :— The “India Trophy ” and 1350 To the entrant of the car placed fifth :– The “South Africa Trophy” and 125