During the past two years interest has been evident in the best hour’s run on the Track by a sports-type car. This interest is maintained, in spite of the R.A.C.’s decision not to observe any further attempts. A new phase of this ” record ” was established by Lagonda Ltd. when they made the run with a saloon V12 Lagonda which gained the distinction of being the first closed car to exceed 100 miles in the hour. Lord Howe drove the car at Brooklawls just before the last Motor Show and averaged 101.5 m.p.h., doing his fastest lap at 108.27 m.p.h. The average includes a stop to change a burst tyre and. for the first 21 laps the speed was 105.52 m.p.h. We announced a considerable time ago that a British car would be making this run on Montlhery. News is now to hand that the new Continental-model 41-litre saloon Bentley recently did 107 m.p.h. for one hour at the Parisian

track, averaging 12.2 m.p.g. Icy conditions prevailed, but, later, the Bentley did the run at 107.418 m.p.h.. under A.C.F. official observation. The best lap, at 110.04 m.p.h., was put in after the hour run had just terminated. The driver was A. W. Sleator, French general manager to Rolls-Royce Ltd. and Bentley Motors, Ltd.


Lots could be written about the part played in films by cars of sports-type. Indeed, we once published quite a long article on this subject. Just recently Brooklands has been the scene of more camera-activity, in connection with Will Hay’s ” Ask a Policeman.” Will Haydrives a ‘bus on to the Track and gets. mixed up with a Brooklands’ race. Amongst the drivers are Harvey Noble,. Hanson, Mr. and Mrs. Hawkes, Mrs. Eccles, Wadd.y and. Selsdon, etc. and. Robin Jackson supplied the eight cars. The action shots are taken from the Terraplane two-seater of Eric Vereker, who has a camera-platform mounted: thereon. He did some nice work to get Will Hay’s smash-scene, and in practice. Hanson’s Maserati hit the camera car’

and was badly damaged. Vereker hopes. to run a 1906 Adler and a 1909 RollsRoyce at this year’s vintage meeting. His father used to own a 1907 Sizaire which ran in the Targa Florio of that year. Some time ago Vereker assisted with, another film, using an early Star borrowed from Richard Nash’s International Horseless Carriage Corporation.