Last month we made an appeal to MOTOR SPORT readers to write and let us know whether—and to what extent—they would be prepared to support a National Grand Prix Fund,

Owing to the exigencies of printing, it is necessary to write this article some time before the issue in which it is to appear will be on sale. In consequence, it is impossible to form any accurate opinion as yet on the success or otherwise of our appeal, because every mail brings us a steady stream of letters and postcards.

Perhaps the most remarkable feature of the cards we have received so far is that the average amount promised by readers towards the proposed Grand Prix Fund is no less than one pound, which seems to us to be quite a considerable sum.

Some have offered more than this, others less, but by far the greater number of writers mention the sum of D. as their contribution. Here are a few extracts, showing the diversity of sums offered :

“I should be pleased to contribute DO to any motorracing fund.”

“You can count on me for ‘5.”

“While my financial prospects may improve in the near future, I think I could support a National Grand Prix Fund to the extent of £2 at present.”

“My donation could only be Di at present, but is subject to enlargement.” “I am interested in your Grand Prix Fund, and think it is an excellent idea. If it could be worked I could manage

“I would be prepared to contribute 10/a year.” “I would be happy to ‘con tribute or an annual sub

scription of :2 to keep the E.R . A. onits legs (or wheels).”

Several readers, incidentally, add that they are already members of the E.R.A. Club. The opinion seems to be widely held, too, that the money should go to E.R.A., who already possess experience and a working organisation.

One reader, however, says “Divide the money between E.R.A. and Alta, as both have already done a large amount of research and experimental work.”

One useful suggestion, which might very well bring in a large sum, is for collections to be made at big race-meetings on the lines of those carried out by the hospitals in the streets, and we have had several offers from enthusiasts who are prepared to rattle collecting boxes as energetically as the hospital students do for their cause.

One reader offers not only a guinea, but his services on the designing and draughtsmanship side.

So far, then it does seem that a National Grand Prix Fund would be assured of support—but to what extent remains to be seen. 68 69 71 78 78 79 84 87 91 92 98 CONTENTS At Brooklands with Lt. Torin Atalanta, The 12-Cylinder Saloon Continental Notes and News Rumblings Club News .. • ••• •••

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Have you sent in your card yet ? If not, do it now, and you will be doing your good deed for the day. One reader writes “Responding to your editorial this month, I am willing to offer 1 a year for three years to provide a fund for Grand Prix cars, which I think ought to go to E.R.A.s. I have spoken to four friends about the subject, and they are all willing to guarantee the same, hut all are too lazy to write

apathetic.” It is just that laziness—not apathy—multiplied by thousands that is capable of giving an entirely wrong idea of the willingness of British motorists to support a national team of

Grand Prix cars. So write that postcard now