Indianapolis again



The European war has left Indianapolis with the only important race in the world this year and international interest will be concentrated upon it. There are certain to be many foreign cars entered, although the entries or names of drivers are not yet available.

The cars which were driven by Rene Dreyfus and Rene LeBegue last year, entered by Mrs. Lucy O’Reilly Schell, wealthy French-American, are still in America and will undoubtedly be entered this year. They arrived at the track too late to be sufficiently prepared for last year’s race, although Dreyfus did manage to place one of them in the money after mechanical trouble forced a last-minute motor switch from one car to another.

Because of the tremendous importance of car developments in aviation, car manufacturers are more interested than ever in the twenty-ninth annual running of the 500-mile classic this year.

“Everyone is interested in the continuation of the speed duel between Wilbur Shaw and Rex Mays and are ordering their tickets earlier than ever before, which indicates a record sale,” said T. E. “Pop” Meyers, vice-president of the Speedway, in announcing the opening of the ticket sale. “It was unfortunate last year that rain interfered with what was destined to have been a glorious finish, but fortunately both drivers and cars are expected to be ready to race again on May 80th.”