Letters from Readers

Sir, Your reader, Patrick Green, asked for information regarding the ex-Mays' Vaux

hall Supercharge. After being raced successfully by S. G. Cummings and finally hitting a tree at Wetherby, it was purchased by a friend of mine. The chassis being badly out of line, I suggested buying the Kaye Don " 4.9 " isugatti chassis and installing the Vauxhall engine, complete with clutch and gearbox, but using the Bugatti rear axle. This work was done, and the first time out at Wetherby the owner, J. Damon, who had no previous trial run, only a practice run before the event, managed to clock 32 sees. for the course in first speed only, the Bugatti axle being far too high for sprint work, i.e., 2.6 to 1, as used by Don in the Outer Circuit at 13rooklands in the 500 Mile Race. It was all the more credit to Hanson that he was able to get off the line without burning the clutch out.

At the outbreak of war the car was purchased by Tony Brooke, of FrazerNash and and " 30/98 " Vauxhall fame, and we hope that some day it will appear again. Iteadingley, I am, Yours etc., Leeds 6. F. H. HAMMING, [A letter from Anthony Brooke. on this subject, appeared last month.—Edd