AMINISTRY of Supply Bulletin stating that the scrap-metal drive is going forward vigorously and that scrap would be collected to the tune of 40,000 tons a week from January 21st, the country being combed county by county, prompts us to publish the results of our plot to save the unique, which we outlined last December. Briefly, the idea was to draw up a Register of veteran and vintage cars of unique character and so give those persons seeking to restore and save such cars an opportunity of acting before it is too late. Quite a large proportion of enthusiasts has a desire to own, and to operate in post-war events, a veteran car, and many more wish to restore unusual vintage cars to road-worthy condition.To do this inexpensively it is necessary to acquire a vehicle in rough condition, and it is just such that will fall victims of the drive for scrap metal. Whether these cars are of historic significance or merely a source of intrigue to enthusiasts, one would like to see them saved ; they cannot, even collectively, influence the tide of war if rescued from the scrap-dealer’s hammer. The response to our appeal for information relating to the whereabouts of such cars has been fairly reasonable and has been supplemented by our own researches carried out during the last few years. We refrain from publishing the full addresses of owners and vendors of these cars, as in few instances have they been approached for permission ; for this reason we would request that enquiries be made tactfully on this understanding. We can take no responsibility for the information which follows. Mostly the cars and spares listed are of less than “advertisable value.” They may not still be available, although Most of the information has come in since publication of our appeal and in extreme instances the cars in question have been seen within the last four or five years. If anyone is anxious to save one or more of the cars listed, address and stamp a postcard, put the reference number or numbers of the Register entry concerned in the top righthand corner of the card, and post to W. B., 129, Fleet Road, Cove, Hants. The fullest available location will then be sent as soon as possible ; no correspondence can be entered into. Some cars of which we have heard have already changed bands, and if a car is taken over we should like to be notified, so that it may be crossed off the Register, which may be

of further use when the war is won and the demand for cars eligible for Veteran Car Club and Vintage S.C.C. veteran contests begins to grow. We should also like to hear of further finds, for inclusion in future “We Hear” notes and entry on the Register. The Register is published in brief below, as it stands at March 1st, 1942. We need hardly emphasise that once the cars concerned are taken as scrap nothing can replace them. Only cars for disposal or having reasonable likelihood of being for disposal are included. Vintages and prices are approximate only. Place names in brackets concern the whereabouts of the cars, most of which lie rotting in the open. (1) AUSTIN, 1911, 12-h,p., tyres fair, in use almost to war. 2.10. (Bedfordahire.) (2) AUSTIN, 1910, 20-h.p., ” T ” head landaulette. (Essex.) (3) A.C., 11.9-h.p. coupe, balloon tyres, one piston broken anti bent valve. (Devonshire.) (4) ALVIS ” ]’2/40″ side valve tourer, rough, running order. (Berkshire.) (5) ALVIS ” 12/50″ 1929 sports tourer, small port engine, rough. (Berkshire.) (6) ALVIS “12/50,” various, for spares, 6.200 engines. (Berkshire.) (7) ARROL-ASTER sleeve valve saloon, rough. (Berkshire.) (8) AUSTRO-DAIMLER 1922 V-radiator saloon. (Berkshire.) (9) BENTLEY 8-litre, for spares. (Staffordshire.)

(10) CROSSLEY ” Shelsley,” 1913-14, 15.9-11.p. chassis, never been run, 4-seater body, as new. £75. (Lancashire. (11) DE DION, 1911, two-cylinder, 7-h.p., 2-seater, condition, including tyres, as new. £25. (Surrey.) (12) DE DION, one-cylinder, 3910, poor condition, Morris body. (Hampshire.) (13) DE DION, two-cylinder tonneau, low-slung, gilled tube radiator, no tyres. (Berkshire.) (14) DE DIETRICH, Type 8, four-cylinder Roi de Beige, rough, no tyres, big engine, chain drive. (Surrey.) (15) DELAGE ” 10/12,” four-cylinder, 2-seater. Sold to Monte Carlo owner, 1913. Running order, rough. (Essex.) (16) HILLMAN light car, 1914, perfect order. £25. (London.) (17) HISPANO-SUIZA ” Alphonse ” chassis, 1012. Raced at Brooklands by It. F. Fuggle. Very good order, spares. £30. (Herts.) (18) HUMBER, 1903, one-cylinder. ” Brighton ” competitor. £40. (Hampshire.) (ID) HUMBER, 1903-4, one-cylinder, good order. £25. (Kent.) (20) H.E. Six 2-seater, rough. (Berkshire.) (21) HUMBERETTE V-twin, 1912, 2-seater, poor tyres, good generally, hood and acetylene lamps. £7. (Bedfordshire.) (22) 70WETT long-chassis 1927, 4-seater complete, running order. (Hampshire.) (23) JOWETT 1914 tiller-steered 2-seater. £15. (Yorkshire.) (24) LEA-FRANCIS ” 12/40 ” drophead coupe, exposed to weather, very rough. (Hampshire.) (25) LEA-FRANCIS ” 12/40 ” 2-seater, engine needs assembly, spare engine available. £10. (Hampshire.) (26) METTALURGIQUE 14-h.p. 2-seater, 1909. sroarge1 .1) externally, fair order. £10. (Hamp (27) METEORITE 11-h.p. 2-seater, about 1919, as new throughout. (Berkshire.)

(28) M(EBletrCkIsel/eS.)42-11.p., V radiator, 1912 chassis. (29) MAYBACH-MERCEDES ” Chitty II.” 135. (Dover.) (30) NEW CARDEN, 1913, rear axle with fittings. (Middlesex.) (31) PANHARD 1909 21-11.p. ” T ” head chassis, used as lorry to 1027, parts missing, tyres good. (Middlesex.) (32) P. & M. 1912 31-h.p. motor-cycle, two-speed chain drive, full equipment. (Kent.) (33) RENAULT 1912 two-cylinder 2-seater, very fine order, good hood and tyres. 2,40. (Surrey.) (34) RENAULT 1009 two-cylinder 2-seater, very fine condition, quite good tyres. 2,30. (Surrey-) (35) RENAULT two-cylinder chassis, mechanically sound, one wheel missing. 25/(Lincoln.) (36) RENAULT two-cylinder 2-seater, mechanically sound, no tyres, externally rough. £10. (Kent.) (37) RENAULT two-cylinder 2-seater, seized engine. (Cambridgeshire.) (38) RENAULT one-cylinder, 1904-7, mechanically passable, bodywork poor. 2,20-225. (Essex.) (39) RENAULT large pre-1914 landaulette. (Hampshire.) (40) RILEY “Redwing,” 12-b.p. side-valve chassis, suitable spares only. (Hampshire.) (41) RILEY V-twin, round radiator, 2-seater, rough externally, sound tyres, could be made to run. (Berkshire.) (42) RILEY two-cylinder tourer. Under pile of bedsteads. (Ross-on-Wye.) (43) SINGER, 1909, shooting brake, 12-h.p., fourcylinder, ” T” head engine, dual ignition, one sound tyre, very good mechanical order. £7. (Surrey.) (44) SINGER Ten, 1914-20, 2-seater, rear axle gearbox, excellent order, decent tyres. £10. (London.) (45) S’rELLITE 1914 10.8-h.p. flat-twin 2-seater, now very rough. (Middlesex.) (46) STAR 1926 12-h.p. tourer, sound, good hood, etc., needs tyres. (“Warwick.) (47) TALBOT ” 10/23″ tourer, useful for spares. (48) T2(81,1.11ry.) 3r0eT 1 ” 10/23 ” tourer, spare engine, chassis frame, etc., good order. £30. (Herts.) (49) VULCAN 1912 tourer, fine order, sound tyres. (W litshire.) (50) ZUST 1913 12-h.p. 2-seater, needs new crown and bevel, no tyres. (South Wales.)