club news, March 1945



WE HEAR J. D. Clayton, of Gilberdyke, is building an interesting ” special ” of modern components, comprising a Triumph ” Dolomite ” 4-cylinder engine installed in a 10.8-11.p. Triumph chassis Iii ving

Cooper body-shell—apparently Triumph models are usefully interchangeable. Clayton’s brother, an R… F. tit ter. is rebuilding a Rapier 4-seater, with h F.N.V. gearbox and the fascinating twin-o.h.c. engine, a pleasing blend of vintage and modern. Denys Axel Berg has added a lowered and modernised O.E. “30/98 ” Vauxhall 4-seater to his growing collection of vintage cars. From a reader at Darlington comes news of an almost complete Speed Twenty Alvis, a monoposto Bugatti with underslung chassis, [! ?j, a 2-litre Lagonda, and a Salmson 2-seater, sans tyres, at a local breakers, for those who like this sort of thing. Our informant, Brian Lyth, runs a Riley 12/6 ” Kestrel ” saloon, and is seeking a blower for his ” Montlhery ” M.G. and a friend of his has a J2 M.G. ” Midget” engine and gearbox unit, sleeved and with new crankshaft, for disposal. Mavrogordato is now running a f.w.d. Citroen, to which he would like to tit a 4-speed gearbox ;if anyone has done any such thing. V. L. Parry, who uses an S.S. 100 for business motoring, has purchased the Anz;miengined Spook ‘ -originated by R. G. J. Nash and owned for a while by K. N. ntehison and Guy Griffiths. Congratulations to Flight Officer Dorothy Stanley Turner,on her recent marriage to Major 11 C. i)ryden. C. A. Smith’s latest itequisition, a veteran M.V. tricar, has a 10-h.p. air-cooled engine, started

by kick-starter and driving to a live rear axle ; it was made in Milano, and the new owner seeks three 700 by 80 b.e. tyres for it—his ‘phone number is Yateley 3163.

Patrick McCorniiek, who describes a brake conversion carried out on his ” Nurburg ” Frazer-Nash in this issue, has commenced work on a Frazer-Nash single-seater with a Hudson straight-eight engine taken from a Railton, which certainly sounds like something which should step oft more than briskly. We have now had an opportunity of inspecting the early Benz in Harrogate, and can testify that it is one of the very early models and is., ineideithilly, in an excellent state of preservation, even to the solid tyres. The usual gas-ciudne type of horizontal single with exposed crankshaft lives under a boot at the rear, and final drive is by chain. Steering is from a vertical column via pinion and racks to the tie rod. A plate on the lid of the boot gives the supplier as ” Hewertson’s of Oxford Street,” and this is believed to have been the second car licensed in Bradford. Birkett has acquired the chain-driven Plicrnix-Special chassis and intends to make from it a sort of combination of Type 40 Bugatti and Frazer-Nash, with a ” Brescia ” Illeatti engine. He also tells us that he proposes to build the Type 5-1 Bugatti mentioned in the January issue into a 4-seater, rather on the lines of the pointed-tail Type 57S, with faired-in wings, which was illustrated in the British papers before the war but never came across the Channel. He has plenty of spares but, like a lot of other people, could do with a deal more time. An alloy or bronze head for an

” Ulster ” Austin he is rebuilding is wanted by Wright, a Yorkshire enthusiast (‘phone Cawood 57) if anyone can help ; at present he runs an Austin Seven ” Swallow ” saloon. Another ” Ulster ” exponent is F/Lt. Mallock, who recently towed his example home to Yorkshire behind his other special Austin Seven. E. .J. Steel reports that work is progressing nicely on his veteran Alldays & Onions, in spite of several V1 attacks on its garage, in one of which Steel himself experienced a broken wrist ; he knows of a sound 1915 Rolls-Royce breakdown lorry, with tyres on its wheels and Bleriot lamps to be disposed of cheaply, in the Kingston district, if anyone wishes to preserve such an example of” the quality “for posterity. G. H. Deacon is getting down to some car modelling, and apart from a small-scale job of a blower Bentley, hopes eventually to complete a 10-c.c. model of the singleseater record-breaking saloon Renault 45 (of which he is in need of photographs) and a petrol-driven model of the Fiat “Mephistopheles.” Harold Pratley has the 350-h.p. V12 Sunbeam garaged in Liverpool and hopes soon to commence stripping it for re-build. Major R. J. Sully, the H.E. designer, is using a 15-h.p. f.w.d. Citroen, and has had four of these cars.

Waddy has for disposal his 3i-litre Delahaye and a” 500″ Fiat ; he is thinking in terms of another ” Fuzzi ” and keeping one ” 500 ” Fiat. Tubbs is also using a ” 500 ” Fiat, but hopes soon to have his D.K.VV, back in commission. It is extremely good news that Bob Cowell, recently reported missing, landed safely and is now a prisoner of war.

N.Z.S. & R.C.C.

We have reeeived two more bulletins from. the New Zealand Sports and Racing Car Club. That for July last contains a most informative article on three Bentleys, by Trevor Wickham, which is well worth reading; • the author now owns a Talbot 75, T. A. Thomson has a “Silver Ghost” Rolls-Royce in perfect condition; and has promised an article for the bulletin on these cars. An attempt is being made to compile a register of interesting cars that exist in New Zealand, anyone knowing of any being requested to communicate with A. E. Ansell, P.O. Box 1, Petone. We are interested to note that the vintage versus modern controversy rages in New Zealand as well as over here.


Last month we referred to a new body formed in Derby for the promotion of motoring enthusiasm, and now more details can be given. Known as the Automotive Development Association, this new organisation offers its members the facility of a fully-equipped maellisie shop. Actually, three categories of membership are available—voting members, limited to 100 persons, associates and shareholders. Election is at the discretion of the association. The war-time annual subscription is 7s. 6d. for associates and

Ms. 6d. for members and shareholdc.

The last-named must invest a minimilla of .V.5 or a maximum of £10 in the machiii:shop .fund, and at present. only they may use the shop. At present, they also are limited to 50 persons, and before the end of January 47 had signed up. so that the shop fund was at least £235. Apart from the facilities which this shop offers to sports-car owners and ” special ” builders. it is planned to design. and to construct. therein, a small 4-cylinder racing enginP, a motor-cycle to accommodate this unil and a racing car powered with an sor cylinder version of the same ba,ip twit. Members and associates are entitled lo amenities except the use of the workshop, and the A.D.A. otters all the usual attractions of a sports car club. Addresses have already been given by Raymond Mays. Ceeil Kimber, Reginald Parnell. • C. Cross, ” Ginger ” Wood, etc. Policy will be decided by vote, shareholders being given two alai members one. Weekly meetings now take place at the Park 1-tote). (‘;.-illuiston Road, Derby. Members’ vehicles include the ex-Seaman Delage, the ex-Ilira i.f.s. Delage, exRuesch ” 3.8 ” A Ira -Romeo, ex-1

Riley Six, a Zoller-blown E.R.A.. -Maserati Six, the Challenge. and various sports cars ; also 19311 ex-T.T. :3o-.e. Velovette, ” 8’80 ” Square Four Arid, ‘Manx Norton, 1934 T.T. 0. E.-J.A.P., now with telescopic forks, alloy barrel, etc., blown 2-stroke 4cylinder Jones-Special, 500-c.c. (l.t. Badge, 350-e.e. ” Brooklands ” Special, and 230c.c. G.R. New Imperial, etc. Work is proceeding on a Riley 14/6-engined Aero Minx, a Frazer-Nash with blown M.G. Magnette engine, a blown ” Ulster” Austin, and a blown Singer Six. This is about the most ambitious project of its kind since the formation of the nowdefunct J.R.D.C. The A.l).A. is a non Trade body (although we suspect keen Rolls-Royce employees to be behind it). and from the way it is being organised it seems likely to succeed—we certainly wish it well. It fills a long-felt need. and it is hoped to inaugurate 1)ntriche,: .. nis.asin

in other towns if sufficient cut) 1 displayed. Hon. Secretary. L. 1 Cassel, 4, liartington Street,


We receive many letters for forwardiuc! to the British Racing Drivers’ Club, as the official organ of that body, and we reluctantly have to state that when war broke out the Queen’s Gate offices were .closed and the secretary, D. J. Scannell, returned, we believe, to Ireland. Consequently we cannot forward correspondence or answer queries relating to membership conditions—the club’s president. Lord Howe, is obviously too folly occupied with important Admiralty um 1 I ers to be troubled at present. We sincerely hope that after the war the dub will flourish

again and that llirroa Seoter will be able to serve effectively as its Oficial organ.


‘Hie January cover featured the Brookhinds fluter Circuit and last month depicted it Doningtou seem-. This time we see Him,” in his Jamieson-hlown E.R.A.

Romulus,” takin“ Stadium Dip on the Crysta l Palace cireuit the London road course —at which we hope to sae an early resumption of racing after the war. A Ii istory of this car appeared in MOTOR SPORT for November, 1940.

B• 0.C•

The lingatti Owners’ Club has sent out one of t lie most interesting news items of recent times. On November 3rd last Eric Giles got a letter through to M. Et tore Bugatti, in Paris, and his reply. *dated November 29th. [944, has been ‘circulated to all members of the cloh. Bugatti announces that since being deprived of his Molsheini factory he ha, ••••••••• • ••••• •••••••••••••••••• • • •