Club news

We hear Flt.-Lt. Peter Pim, who runs a "Red Label" Bentley, encountered a fine 1909 Rolls-Royce towing a modern saloon, near Keswick. L.T. Booth writes in praise of the model-car construction kits by the Seale Model Equipment Co., Ltd., and his 1930 Riley Nine Mk. IV four-seater. Of the latter he says that he gets an instant start from cold, 30 m.p.g., an oil-pressure of 45 lb./sq. in., and that oil consumption is negligible. A 1909 belt-drive V-twin Royal-Enfield motorcycle, with new tyres and in running order, is for disposal in Berkshire, if any Edwardian motor-cyclist is sans a mount. G.S. Brown has acquired a single-cam 1,750-c.c. Alfa-Romeo drop-head, which he is stripping for rebuild. A reader, in searching for spares for the twin o.h.c. Anzani engine of the ex-Adams Bugatti, has located all manner of spares and is willing to put those concerned in touch. These discoveries include a four-cylinder s.v. Anzani engine, an O.E. "30/98 " Vauxhall engine, a 6 1/2-litre Bentley engine and chassis, two Bentley radiators, a cylinder head for a twin o.h.c. 16-h.p. Lea-Francis, a 1934 3 1/2-litre Hotchkiss chassis sans radiator, a 3 1/2-litre Lagonda engine, a "Trikappa" Lancia and a Chenard-Walcker engine, etc.

W. Jackson has a 1928 Sunbeam Sixteen laid up for want of a set of timing wheels. A.K. Malcolm, on leave from India, is rebuilding an Arnott-blown 1 1/2-litre Cotal-transmisrion Atalanta. His J4 M.G. has been acquired by Irving O. Linton, of Philadelphia. Coming home after ten years' police service overseas, he is disgusted to find Britain devoid of domestic motoring. Lt. Dernans has acquired the Anzani-engined Bamford and Martin Aston-Martin which used to live in Farnborough and hopes to improve its body lines. Richard Barton, Hon. Comp. Sec. of the Plymouth M.C., is overhauling the pre-1914 Model 44 28-h.p. Napier, which we mentioned in May, 1946, towing it home behind his 1,250-c.c. Morris-Special, persuading it to function, and doing 100 miles in it before the tyres failed. He is also rebuilding a 4-cylinder Type BH de Dion tourer and has a 1913 White and Poppe Morris-Oxford, his father having had a hand in the building of the early Morris cars and being General Manager to Morris Garages until 1918. Barton also knows of a 1903 4.5 h.p. single-cylinder Wolseley in Plymouth and has heard rumours of a single cylinder de Dion at Lostwithiel. In sending us best wishes from Sweden, Tom H. Brahmer tells us that Henken Widengren, the Amilkar driver, acquired a Paris Show 3.5-litre Alvis in 1936 and has had it brought up to 1939 4.3-litre specification and fitted with a Bertelli 2-door sports saloon body of his own design. It proudly displays a B.R.D.C. badge on its radiator. A few Bugattis exist in Sweden, including beautifully rebuilt examples of Type 35B G.P. and Type 44 drop-head, besides a "2.6" monoposto Monza Alfa-Romeo. A 35B Bugatti, a 35C Bugatti displaying on its tail an odd plaque reading "Bugatti, New Make, Made in Italy" and once owned by Prince Bertil, but suffering a "blow-up" in a recent ice-race, and another Monza Alfa-Romeo, are in a bad state of repair. Lots of M.G.s, a few Singer and B.S.A. and a solitary Morgan 3-wheeler represent British sports cars on Swedish roads, but Brahmer recently helped a friend to rebuild an early 2-seater K3 M.G.. replacing the Zoller supercharger with a new Roots blower and fitting a Lancia Aprilia front-end. Brahmer himself used a rebuilt 1933 Alvis "Speed Twenty" during the war, fitting a blower and a gas-producer, the car being faster in this form than on pump petrol in unblown form ! His present car is a Lancia Aprilia. Vintage cars in Sweden include an 8-litre Bentley Park Ward saloon, in the hands of its original owner, a 1927 45-h.p. Hispano-Suiza sedanca-de-ville with Letourneur and Marchand coachwork, which won the G.P. d'Honneur at a Cannes Concours d'Elegance, but now reposing in a barn, and a 45-h.p. Isotta-Fraschini with Cesare Sala body, recently for sale. Derelict cars include a big Farman, a small, very low air-cooled four-cylinder S.A.R.A., and A 1912 4-cylinder chain-drive Mercedes limousine, said to have belonged to the Czar of Russia.

A "Phantom I" Rolls-Royce and a 38/250 "SSK" short-chassis Mercedes-Benz owned by Karl Ebb, the racing driver, were recently imported into Sweden from Finland. Another car encountered by Brahmer was a well preserved Oryx, which had served its original owner since about 1917. Truly, interesting cars are to be found the world over, if you know where to look for them. Rover Eight and S.F. Edge A.C. Six cars are reported in use in the Birmingham area.

Major Charles Lambton, having located a 1923 American-built "Silver Ghost Rolls-Royce tourer in Tel Aviv, wishes to dispose of his very sound 1927 20-h.p. Rolls-Boyce Barker open tourer, while D.C. Alderson would like to exchange his 1921 16 h.p. Humber saloon, which he says has run only 1,500 miles and is new in every way, for a later vintage sports car. The present owner of the blower Bentley described in our January issue, S.L/dr. Hayeroft tells us that he bought this car from Dr. Stevens in Southern Rhodesia in 1943 and shipped her home eighteen months ago and has her with Shortt where she awaits new pistons. C.A. Batten is disposing of his Type 40 B.M.W., because he is taking over an 8-litre Bentley. He seeks an instruction book and clock for this car. Congratulations to Sir Anthony Starner, Bt., on his recent Marriage. He has taken up farming and still has his "2.3" Alfa-Romeo. A Warwick tradesman's tricycle, a single-cylinder having air-cooled T-head engine with friction-driven fans, a two-speed hub and tiller steering is still to be seen in use in the City of London.

J. Campbell Murray is titivating a 1927 "12/50" Alvis saloon. A 1929 Sizaire Freres tourer, possibly the car we discovered in Surrey during the war, has turned up in Wales. Two M.G.s of the old "Musketeers" team, "Porthos" and "Athos," are being rebuilt by Richards Bros., of Walton-on-Naze, for B. Dyke-Acland. The former car was driven by Dyke-Acland in trials before the war and is intended for a resumption of such work as soon as conditions permit. "Athos" was involved in an accident just before Christmas and will be rebuilt as a single-seater for sprint work. Where, query Richard Bros., is the third car of this team ?

Prices appear to be dropping. Recent vehicles that might have suited impecunious enthusiasts included a 4-cylinder B.S.A. 3-wheeler for £195, a Humber Nine tourer, taxed, at £270, a 1933 Morris Twelve saloon for £68, a 1931 Wolseley Sixteen saloon for £65 or offers, a 1931 Austin Seven saloon for £52, a 1928 "Chummy" Austin Seven, taxed, insured and well-shod, for £45, and an combination, similarly well-shod, taxed and insured, for £25. Then, in Motor Sport last month there were many similar bargains, starting with a bull-nose Morris-Oxford, "ready to drive away," for £45. So once again the under-£100 chaps can take their pick.

Other interesting cars for sale have included a 1922 Talbot "8/18," a Delaunay-Belleville coupe and a "22/90" AlfaRomeo.

We regret to announce that R. Warde, who raced the 10-litre Fiat, now owned by A.S. Heal, at Brooklands in the middle-twenties, died at the end of last year.

Two new 700 by 90 b.e. covers and tubes are available if anyone requires such bootage. Denis Conan Doyle found a copy of Motor Sport on a Paris bookstall and promptly solved the January Quiz. His own Mercedes-Benz was a sister car, but unstreamlined and therefore some 12 m.p.h. slower. Julian Fall is back in this country. Alan Southon has sold his Ballot saloon.


The Bugatti Owners' Club announces that, "basic" or not, it hopes to hold the usual Prescott Speed Hill-Climbs during 1948, in May, June, July and September. The famous hill will also be open to members during a whole week-end next month, for testing purposes. The coveted Club Pennants for meritorious service have been awarded to C.F. Yates, H.C. Dryden and David Scott-Moncrieff in respect of last season. Two new members were elected last quarter. The Club magazine "Bugantics" retains its usual high standard, and that for January contained some humorous composite photographs of what Prescott meetings may look like this year, an article on Bugatti types by Peter Hampton, some notes on the Bugatti exhibits at the last Paris Salon, by J. Lemon Burton, and a photographic miscellany devoted to Bugattis by W. Boddy. Secretary : Lt.-Col. R. F. Hayward Browne, Little Chantry, Winchcombe, Glos.


David Hodkin, who ran Gransden last year, having left Cambridge, the C.U.A.C.'s new Hon. Secretary is Pat Stephenson, of the "Scuderia Impecuniosa." His address is: St. Catherines College, Cambridge.

Aston-Martin Owners' Club

Regardless of current difficulties and with an ever-optimistic hope of at least a few pints of basic in the not too distant future, the Aston-Martin Owners' Club is about to re-start its activities. A preliminary meeting is being held early in March, in London, and all those interested are asked to communicate with : R. Stallebrass, 26, London Road, Redhill, Surrey.
Membership is not restricted to current owners of Aston-Martins, but is open to anyone who, in these days of standardisation and mass production, still believes in keeping alive this fine typically English sports car.

500 CLUB

The 500 Club, for furthering the building and racing of 500-c.c. cars, really is forging ahead. In January it had 582 members and hopes of 100 cars in the field, if any racing happens in this country this year. The annual subscription has been raised to £2 2s. Od. and some important changes have been made in the "500 Formula." The latter comprise any size of fuel tank instead of a limited capacity, perhaps because the consumption of these little cars in racing trim has been discovered to be very heavy, independent operation of front and rear brakes, and some form of bodywork even if only of canvas. Secretary : L. F. Gale, Milford House, Lansdown, Bath.

Southsea M.C.

The Southsea M.C. occupied the winter with such matters as its Annual Down-Stage Dinner and Dance, its Children's Party and A.G.M., followed by a social evening. It is all ready to get going when petrol is freely available and hopes to organise a visit by air to the Jersey race, as it did last year. Hon. Secretary : C. S. Dewey, 102, Havant Road, Southsea.


The Motor Cycling Club has issued its provisional 1948 Fixture List, with the "Land's End" at Easter, "Edinburgh" at Whitsun, motor-cycle inter-Club Team Trial on July 3rd, Inter-Club Team Car Trial on September 4th, the Sporting Trial on October 23rd, and the "Exeter" on December 31st. Whether any or some of these events are possible depends on the petrol situation. But the 87th Annual Dinner (now a Buffet Dance) was held at the Park Lane Hotel on February 27th. The Club's investments at the end of last year were over £3,727, besides which there were other assets, the balance sheet working out at £4,247 2s. 1d. As a matter of interest, clerical work cost £534, trials route organisation and inspection £448, awards £214 and programme and route-card printing, etc., £474. Against this, competition entry fees brought in £1,059, sale of programmes £79, and subscriptions £968. The M.C.C. is in a position to run events up to its usual standard-given the petrol. Secretary : J. A. Masters, 26, Bloomsbury Way, W.C.1 (Holborn 4701).

V.C.C. of G.B.

It may not be generally known how the annual trophies of the Veteran Car Club were awarded in respect of the 1947 season. The Dowsing Trophy went to G. James Allday, M.B.E., the Bills Challenge Cup for best aggregate by a veteran car to Sam Wright in respect of his 1903 Humber, while the S.F. Edge Cup for best aggregate by an Edwardian car was won by F.M. Wilcock in respect of his 1912 Talbot.

V.S.C.C., Ltd.

Apart from its ambitious Speed Trial, scheduled for Easter Monday, the Vintage S.C.C., Ltd., hopes to hold a Bisley Rally, on May 2nd, the Madresfield Rally on June 15th, and its Prescott Hill-Climb, by courtesy of the B.O.C., on August 28th. A second Statutory Meeting, followed by a Monkhouse film show, was held on February 27th, because the meeting called on December 4th last to convert the Club into a limited company was found to be legally out of order. Meetings are held at the "Phoenix," Hartley Wintney, on the first Thursday each month, followed by others, at the "Pillar of Hercules," Greek Street, W.1, on the second Thursday and at the "White Lion," Cobham, on the third Thursday.


The Vintage Motor Cycle Club's. "Bulletin" for January contained an interesting article by J.E. Shelley on the pros of vintage machines and New Year messages from Graham Walker and Arthur Bourne. New members listed owned such motor-cycles as 1908 Singer, 1926 Model 18 Norton, 1922 A.B.C., 1930 R6 A.J.S., 1926 Triumph, 1914 Simplex, etc. Hon. Sec. : M. F. Walker, 170, Woodcock Hill, Kenton, Middlesex, who is at home to members on the first Wednesday evening of each month, as is C.E. Allen, at 43, King's Avenue, Loughborough.

Cheltenham M.C.

This Club has £417 in hand and hopes. that it may soon be possible to resume motor-cycle football on a petrol grant allocated for public entertainment.


The Junior Car Club is holding another. evening-dress Buffet-Dance at Grosvenor House, on March 2nd, and announces that it is definitely organising the Jersey Race for April 29th. At the A.G.M. the London branch of the Club was seen to have £1,379 16s. 10d. in hand, together with £2,123 8s. 7d. in the British Motor Sport Fund, while the Club's investments have a present-day market value of £5,733 7s. 6d. Salaries accounted for £898 11s. 10d. in the year, and £41 12s. 0d was lost on the Eastbourne Rally and £38 11s. 9d. on the Club's "Gazette." However, subscriptions brought in over £2,716 and as the subscription rate has since been raised to £1 11s. 6d., or £3 3s 0d. with R.A.C. Associate Membership, the J.C.C. is likely to remain in a very strong financial position, ready to organise events for its members as soon as Mr. Gaitskell sees the error of his ways.

West Essex C.C.

The old Essex M.C. was one of the more active of the smaller clubs and its many excellent Brooklands meetings will be remembered with pleasure by many enthusiasts. Since its demise some years ago there has been need of a club catering for this side of the Metropolis. and that is why the new West Essex M.C. has been formed. This new club intends to cater as much for family as for sporting motorists and will doubtless do much good by maintaining the ordinary fellow's interest in his car and seeing that he continues to fight for his motoring rights.

A rather novel step has already been taken in this direction, by organising coach parties of motorist-members to such attractions as Wembley Ice Hockey and the Harringay Circus. Dances are also on the agenda, with a monthly road event when petrol is restored. The annual subscription is £1, with a 10s. 6d. entry fee. Hon. Sec.: W. Warden, 184, Roding Lane, Woodford Green, Essex.