Club Affairs, March 1950

The Aston-Martin Owners Club will hold a race meeting at Silverstone this year in which the principal race will be the St. John Horsfall Trophy Race, in memory of the late “Jock” Horsfall who was killed driving an E.R.A. at Silverstone last year. It will be open to members driving Aston-Martin cars and will be a handicap race of one-hour duration. Another important race at this meeting will be an Inter-Club Relay Race for a Challenge Cup.
* * *

The Harrow C.C. Moss Trophy Trial on March 5th will embrace eight observed sections and two special tests. It starts from the Car Park, Beaconsfield, at 10 a.m. and finishes at the “Royal White Hart” in the same town.
* * *

The Edinburgh University M.C. had a very large membership before the war and ran many trials, etc. It is anxious to re-commence operations and to trace records, trophies, etc., which were misplaced during the war. Will past members and others interested please contact M. B. Gledhuile, c/o Students’ Union, Park Place. Edinburgh.
* * *

Another post-war club which is reforming is the Manchester University M.C. It is open to past and present members of Manchester University and several film shows have already been held. Those interested should contact N.A. Silverston, The University Union, Manchester, 15.
* * *

The final placings in the 1949 B.T.D.A. “Star” were as follows:—

Best 6 out of 8 count for marks.
J. Clegg .. 272 marks
W. H. Warling .. 270 marks
C. Bold .. 264 marks
R. E. Holt .. 239 marks
G. R. Holt .. 238 marks
J. H. Appelton .. 229 marks
K. Rawlings .. 226 marks
B. K. Thompson .. 222 marks
M. Wilde .. 221 marks
K. E. O. Burgess .. 221 marks
C. Corbishley .. 216 marks
H. Clayton .. 210 marks
R. Faulkner .. 195 marks
E. Wadsworth .. 195 marks
A. Rogers .. 192 marks
D. W. Price .. 191 marks
V. S. Biggs .. 183 marks
A. M. Beardshaw .. 179 marks
D. G. Waldron .. 170 marks
J. Readings .. 168 marks
K. Wharton .. 161 marks (for 4 events)
R. W. Phillips .. 154 marks
L. Tracey .. 119 marks
J. Lister .. 119 marks (for 5 events)
H. C. Roberts .. 109 marks
J. Wallwork .. 94 marks (for 5 events)
A. W. Morrish .. 89 marks (for 4 events)
S. Asbury .. 80 marks (for 3 events)
G. W. Best .. 78 marks (for 3 events)
N. V. Terry .. 71 marks (for 4 events)
F. A. Rhodes .. 68 marks (for 3 events)
F. E. Shanks .. 66 marks (for 4 events)
D. G. Flather .. 64 marks (for 4 events)
B. Fitzwater .. 62 marks
A. S. Pearce .. 51 marks (for 3 events)
L. Parker .. 43 marks (for 5 events)
R. E. Hughes .. 33 marks (for 4 events)
B. D. S. Ginn .. 30 marks (for 4 events)
B. W. Merrick .. 14 marks (for 2 events)
* * *

The Eastern Counties Motor Club was formed at a well-attended Meeting at the Ball Hotel, Woodbridge, on Monday, January 23rd. Main object of the club is to promote and foster interest in motoring in East Anglia, and members have been drawn from a wide area. Events to be arranged include: trials, visits to race meetings, dances and socials, film shows, etc. Joint Secretaries are H. Murland, Bull Hotel, Woodbridge, and D. Smith, 10, Deben Road, Woodbridge. Originally called the East Anglian Motor Club, the name was changed to avoid confusion with a similar organisation in Essex.
* * *

The Lagonda C.C. will hold a Night Navigation Trial on March 4/5th, starting at the “Lambert Arms,” Aston Rowant, at 9.30 p.m.
* * *

Copies of the Aston-Martin Register are available at 2s. 6d., from D. Coram, 554. Limpsfield Road, Upper Wadingham, Surrey.
* * *

D. Cameron Peck, the well-known American car-collector, has been elected President of the Sports Car Club of America, and is also President of the Antique Automobile Club of America, the largest respective organisations of their kind in the States.
* * *

The Public Schools M.C. has a meeting at the “Two Chairmen,” Berkeley Square, W.1, at 7 p.m. on March 8th.
* * *

The A.G.M. of the London Centre of the Riley M.C. will take place on March 3rd, and will be followed by a cocktail party and film show.
* * *

Mr. J. V. Bolster, of Goose Farm, near Wrotham, Kent (tel.: Fairseat 94), has been appointed Press Officer to the Veteran Car Club.
* * *

The Northern Section of the Bentley Drivers’ Club is running a motor coach to Silverstone for the Grand Prix on Saturday, May 13th. Non-members may care to note that there will be vacant seats in this coach. The intention is to pick up passengers in Leeds and on the return journey to drop them in Leeds. The fare is 27s. 6d. per person. Anyone interested in the trip should get in touch with George Tellow, 124, Harehills Lane, Leeds.
* * *

At the annual general meeting of the Sheffield and Hallamshire M.C. held on January 25th, and the subsequent Car Section meeting on February 1st, the following officials were elected for the ensuing year:—

President: K. G. Settle. Vice-Presidents: R. W. Phillips, R. C. Wingfield, R. Maltby, W. Mundy. Treasurer: L. Styring. General Secretary: A. Scott. Car Section Chairman: R. Maltby. Car Selection Secretary: G. S. Baigent. Car Competition Secretary: K. G. Settle. Car Captain: A. M. Beardshaw. Car Committee: F. N. Holdsworth, H. E. Clarke, D. R. G. Smith, H. Myers, R. W. Phillips, R. C. Wingfield.

Car Press Secretary: H. Myers, 21, Junction Road, Sheffield, 11.

The club headquarters are, as before, at the Norton Hotel, Woodseats, Sheffield.
* * *

B. A. Henry and Mrs. Ruffer have resigned as Hon. Secretary and Hon. Treasurer, respectively, of the A.C. Owners’ Club. Until further notice the Secretary is George Grigs, 72, Radcliffe Gardens, S.W.10, and Basil H. Martin is acting as Hon. Treasurer. The club has given one-make clubs a lead with contributions to the B.R.M. Fund by sending a donation of £5 5s. to the M.A.C. Mobile Workshop Fund. Offers of help in marshalling at the Night Trial on March 25th should be sent to the new Secretary.
* * *

The annual dinner and dance of the Kentish Birder C.C. was held at the Bromley Country Club on February 10th. The club’s President, Mr. S. H. Allard. was in the chair when nearly 100 members and their friends sat down to dine. During the evening Mrs. S. H. Allard kindly presented the club awards. Dancing was then non-stop until midnight—thanks to two members of the club, Messrs. Jackson and Newman, who produced music while the band was having a short break.
* * *

The Blackburn Welfare M.C. will include a race for 500-c.c. cars during its motor-cycle meeting at Brought Aerodrome on April 7th. It will consist of 7-lap heats and a 10-lap scratch final over a 1 1/8-mile  course.
* * *

The M.C.C. is holding an Opening Run on March 5th to Commonwood House Country Club, arriving at 3.30 p.m.
* * *

The N.W. London M.C.C. Coventry Cup Trial on March 18th will start from the “Sally Lunn,” Hindhead, Surrey, at 10.30 Classes for 1,100-c.c., 2-litre and over 2-litre cars will be recognised. Entries close first post March 13th, to M. Wick, London Bridge House, Tooley Street, S.E.1.
* * *

The W. of England M.C.’s closed invitation Eleventh Spring Cup Trial will start from the Exeter-Plymouth road, one mile from Drumbridges Cross Roads, at 12 noon on March 5th. It is expected to finish by 3 p.m. Entries have closed. 1,100-c.c., 2-litre and over 2-litre classes are recognised. Steep, in 16 sub-sections, and The Loop will be used. The former wasn’t climbed at all last year, the latter by one car only. Clerk of the course: Mrs. M. L. Anning, Tor Hill, Kingsteignton, Newton Abbot.
* * *

The S.U.N.B.A.C. closed invitation Colmore Trophy Trial on March 11th starts from the Paddock, Prescott Hill, by permission of the B.O.C., and will cover a 40 to 50-mile course; 1,100-c.c., 1½-litre and over 1½-litre classes are recognised. Entries have closed.
* * *

The Cambridge University A.C. is holding its annual dinner at the University Arms Hotel, Cambridge, on March 11th. On the following day they intend to hold a preliminary meeting at their new speed trial course at Bedwell Hay, near Ely.