Jowett Personnel Re-Arrangement

Certain re-arrangement of duties for the company’s senior personnel is announced by Jowett Cars, Limited.
The changes have been brought about by the reduced allocations of vehicles for the home market, and the need to increase still further overseas sides.
Mr. T. E. Gascoyne will remain as General Sales Manager, but will devote almost the whole of his time during 1950 to the export market. To assist in this field, Mr. J. W. Copeland will be attached to the Export Division. To strengthen still further the Export Division, Mr. E. G. Green will devote the major portion of his time to this aspect of the business, but will retain the ultimate control of the Spares and Service Division.
The existing Northern and Southern Sales Divisions will be merged and placed under the control of Mr. E. J. Suter as home Sales Manager. He will be stationed at Idle.
The London Office and Showroom at, 48, Albemarle Street, London, W.1, will be maintained under the direction of Mr. J. H. Baldwin, who will also continue to control advertising.