Reports of Recent Events

THE MONTE CARLO RALLY (January 23rd-3Ist)

This year’s Monte Carlo Rally is dealt with editorially in this issue, but for reference here are the tabulated results :—

are :— General Placings 1st: J. Trevoux and R. Crovetto (41-litre Dela

1st: J. Trevoux and R. Crovetto (41-litre Dela haye), from Lieber’ ; 26.76 penalty POIllts• 2nd : Comte de Monte Real and M. S. Palma (3.0

litre Ford), from Lisbon•, 27.12 points.

3rd : 0. Yard and A. Young (31-litre Jaguar), from Glasgow ; 27.43 points.

Class Winners 756 e.c. :

756 e.c. : 1st: lands Roster (Renault), from lisbon, 16th Ii general category 2nd: J. Meat (Renault), from Lisbon, 38th in

general category. 3rd : H. ‘Isobel (Renault), from Monte Carlo. nth

In general category. 3,1000.0.: 1st: Y. Low (Sines.), from Monte Carlo, 21St

M. in general category.

2nd : R. Lambelet (Sirnen), 63rd in general category. 3rd : J. G. Reece (Ford Anglia), 83rd in general category.

1,600 0.0. •.

1st : IL F. Ellison and W. N. Robinson (Jewett Jupiter), from Glasgow, 0th in general category. 2nd : G. Wilkins and R.. Baxter (Jewett Jupiter), from Glasgow. 10th in general category. 3rd : J. St:Aron and B.. Pascal (Shwa), from Monte

Carlo, 16th In general category. Ovaa 1,6000,0. :

tet: S. Trevonx and R. Crovetto (Delabaye). from Lisbon, 1st in general eatistory.

2nd : Comte dc Monte Peal and 81..7. Palma (Ford), from Lisbon, 2nd in general category.

3rd : 0, Yard and A. Young (Jaguar), from Glasgow, 3rd in genenti category. Coupe des Dames

1st: Mme. F. Rustinx. (Peugeot 203), front Lisbon. 2nd : Mule. Y. Simon (Simca), from Monte Carlo. 3rd : Mine. Boucher (Sham), from Monte Carlo. Team Prizes

NOMINATED PURRS: Trevoux, Iioyman, Faure a/dab:weal.

ANY ‘Mum: Trevonx, Tietinan, Faure (Delattoes). Opre-MAxa, Ittarn K; El I ison, Wilkins, well (jowett Japlt ers). Concours de Contort

GRAND Flux : (‘mper (Bentley).

FULLY COA01IwoRR PRIZE : Carter, Carter, Braid (Humbers).

Itsrao Mown ()ARIA) CUP : Carter, Carter, Braid (numbers).

BERVBX Gatsool,lea (Sunbeam-Talbot). O.B. ENTINOUISMER Cup: W. Waring (Jaguar). CLASS WiNsEES:

7500.0.: lireinel (Renault).

1,100 0.0.: Schnuteker (FIAT).

1,500 0,0.: Anderson (finnan Minx). ovak 1,300 0.0.: Adams (Daimler).


The Club’s 1951 programme opened with the “Manor Trophy Trial” for standard production cars. Course plotting and navigation on given compass bearings required competitors to find six river bridges, within a 10-mile radius of the starting point at Yealm.pton, and in one and a-half hours—the time allowed—it was no easy task, from all the many bridges in the area, to discover those selected by the trials committee. Speedometer readings were taken at the start and the shortest distance to the lunch break at Loddiswell counted for marks. ht spite of hard thinking and many calculations, D. Unwell, the winner of the Trophy, was the only driver to visit all the bridges. The afternoon

course included Woodleigh, Flear Mill and Alston Wash, observed, with two special tests to decide ties. Glorious sunshine added greatly to the enjoyment of the run through the Devon lanes, and a very happy party sat down to a sumptuous tea at the Queens Arms, Slapton—a popular rendezvous. After tea Mr. II. Beare assisted by Mrs. Beare arranged a “Twenty Questions” hour, the ladies of the Club easily beating the male members. Results;

D. Busse% Vinixhall Fourteen (89 marks), the Manor Trophy.

It. IL Ham, Rain= Minx (74 marks), P.M.C. Cup. R. Roberts, Ford Eight (74 marks), P.M.C. Novice Award.

M.G.C.C. (S.E. Centre) CHILTERNS TRIAL (Jan. 28th)

Berrege ‘PROpilfr : R. W. Christmas (PB DOOKRAM’S TROPHY : B. A. M. Gilbert (MM), SALMON’S Cup: A. E. Ruined (Cotton).

vi4mRs.Nn’teEA””: Be. Manners (Falcon. VIKST-CLAss A WARDS : L. Ramock (Dellow

A. IL A, I,4y (Dellow):Ital H. Lawson (Lotus).


In a gale and torrential rain members of the ‘2-litre Lagonda Register scanned Surrey for map grid-reference numbers painted in obscure places so that they could get on with their navigational contest and return to the comfort of the Donne Restaurant and discuss Lagonda high-technicalities. Many 2-litres competed, together with a 3-litre and an “11.9,” and the Editor of Marort SPORT was suitably impressed with the ability of A. J. Fisher’s 1929 2-litre to hold an easy sixty along the Hog’s Back in spite of being, according to its critical owner, 5 deg. late in it ignition timing. Altogether, an event in the best tradition of the amateur enthusiast. The winner was A. Audsley (1928 2-litre Lagonc11).


PREMIER Alvan!) : G. Pentony 11.172…c. Cyclops). BEST PERFORMANCE BY MEMBER 01, PsomoTrrin Um J. C. Smith (1,172-cm. Bartlett).

ussr PERFoiusegeg (up to 1.500 c.c.) : J. IL Appleton (1,486-e,e. Appleton).

FIRST-CLASS AWARDS: It. Butler (1,172-c.c. Butler). V. S. A. Biggs (1,172-c.c. Ford 8/C.) : M. W. Todd (1,172-c.e. Bellow, s/c,) ; R. Richards (1,172-c.c. R.13W.) 1). W. Price (1,172-c.c. Price Spetial). SECOND-CLASS AWARDS: nancock (1,172-e.e. Bellow); N. II. Overton (1,131-mc. Overton Special ; — Pettit (1,172-c.c. Ford Special): S. S. lurner (3,622-c.e. Allard).

Them AweR1) (North West London M.C.); Pettit, Appleton and Pentony.


MEE DM TROPIII (174Att performance of the da)): A. W. Utley (1,172-c.c. A.W. Special, s/c.), 31 marks lost.

Ilsost305Ova Tamar/ (best over 1,300 e R. W. Phillips (1,485-c.e. Irabley), 5 marks lost. Flan-CLASS AWARDS: It. B. COWill (747-c.c. Austin); A. A. Butler (1,172.e.c. Clegg, s/c,

S. j; A. Crneknell (1,172-c.c. R.P. Special); I!.

Parker (1,172-me. Parker, sic.); 13. J. Smith (1,172-me. Dellow, sic.), J. Cleo (ttn-cx. Clem s/c..);.T. Reynolds 0,172-c.c. Bellow sic.); C. Corhishley (1,440-me. (:.C., sic.); 0. F. Williams (1,172-c.c. Bellow, s/c,).

SE03ND-CLASS AWARDS: F. B. Wall 11.172-e.e. Bellow, s/c.); W. C. Toff (1,172^0.0Tuff Special); F. Dean (1.172-e.e. A.W. Special, Ivo ; rt, 11. Lowe (1,172-c.e. Bellow, s/c. ) R. A. RoPkIns (1,172-v.c. Bancroft, s/c,); J. W. Cox (1,172.e,e, Bellow, s/c.); J. D?WirY (1.512-e.c. Cranford).

‘rams AWARD: J. Clegg (1,172-mc. Clegg, ale. A. W. Utley (1,t.e.e. A.W.A.. Special, a/c, ; A. A. Butler (1,172-es. Clegg, s/c.). Total mar lost, 13.

KENTISH BORDER CC. BEST CUP TRIAL (Feb. 4th) Bsse Gee: R. P. Bellow), 98 marks,

Bsse Gee: R. P. Chappell (a/c Bellow), 98 marks, OPPOSPFE CLASS AWAR.D: A. Rumett (Cotton Special), 96 1/14rits. PIR3T•CLA/38 AWARDS: B. IC Dees (s/c Bellow), 90 marks ; E. W. Vero (sic Bellow), 00 marks. SIscorco-class AwARPS: D. M. Sleep (a/c Bellow),

SG marks ; F. L. Stark (sic Bellow), 93 marks.

BRISTOL M.G.& L.C.C. FULL MOON TRIAL (February 10th)

FULL MOON Cur: K. R. 0. Burgess (Burgess Special), Frasr-Crass AWARDS: W. Cuff (Bells. Remmers). P. Radford (Radford).

8200ND-Cheas AWARDS: H. E. Roberts (Robroe), 0. Best (M.G.).

SOUTHSEA M.C, PRESIDENT’S TROPHY TRIAL (February 11th) Forty-one started in this really tough

Forty-one started event, in which the hills were so shiny from a week’s rainfall that after a Jeep with all four wheels driving had found it difficult to dislodge the Mercury from a water-hole at the top of the first hill, Hatch Farm II, and a tractor had proved unable to shift the Boyes Special when it failed lower down, this very choice section, sometimes known as Lawson’s Lament, was abandoned. The next hill put paid to the Mercury’s gearbox. At Cow Track the rain seemed to have washed the mud clear, but nevertheless many failed, including Best (who overturned here last year and whose freelyrevving M.G. now restarted unaided), Sweeney’s beetle-like Ford Special, the old Bartlett, Dewey’s Riley, the Chandler Special, the 13.B.S., Panton’s Allard, for all its 4,375 ex., and It. Faulkner’s new Ford Ten Special, the back-axle of which juddered in spite of ‘200 lb. in the Telecontrols. Imhof made a magnifivent recovery after trouble at the famous

ledge,” almost took the wrong turn at the top and still climbed clean. Taylor’s Austin Seven stopped at the top bend. Onslow-Baxtlett, now with the very latest 1,100-e.e. J.A.P. in his astounding rear-engined car repaired some clutch trouble and went up in a series of powerful surges until impeded by a tree near the top. The Warren proved as sticky as any —here Hopkinson took the corner with skill in the Ford-Austin where others hit the bank—and at the end of’ the afternoon Lythe Right proved a final teaser. Bartlett, his steering radius arms adrift, Imhof, Ron Faulkner, sans front mudguards, tell it not in Pall Mall, I lie Dellow boys and others stormed up. Others had varying degrees of misfortune, Bailey overturning his centreengine twin S.U. Ford Ten Special while reversing down ; fortunately, the small boy passenger emerged smiling. A muddy trial Results : PRESIDENT’S Tactrity (lam BEST PERFORMANCE 13T MEMBER OF INVITED : 0. Pentony


I3EST PERFORMANCE, CLASS A : J. 0. Bartlett, BEST PERFORMANCE, CLASS 13 : A. HumlItt, BEST PERFORMANCE, CLASS C: A. C. Imhof. FiRST.CLASS AWARDS: it. CDappell, IL Hopkinson. E. O. Spence. U. W. Best, It. 11. Dees, J. Ii. Appleto


AWARDS: J. C. Smith, B. Blundell. R. E. Day, H. Collings, IL Clayton, V. S. A Biggs, E. J. Chandler.

TEAM AWARD: Chappell, Day and Sleep.

WEST HANTS & DORSET CC. HARTWELL CUP TRIAL (Feb. 18th) ? -1, (best performance of the day) :

? -1, (best performance of the day) : H. R. .1c-I y (1,205-e.e, IIILIman), 131.8 marks. MERGIIAN1 Cut’ (best perfornance in opposite class) M. Parrott (1,172-c.c. Buckler), 106.5 marks).

FIRST-CLASS AWARDS (closed ears) : S. Curry (1,172-c.c. Ford), D. C. E. Johns (2,600-c.c. Austin).

FIRST-CLASS AWARDS (open ears) : N. Crane (1,490cc. Lea-Francis), J. B. Jest. (3,622-e.c. Allard), A. Locus (1.496-c.c. Alvls).

SECOND-CLASS AWARDS (closed ears): G. W. Cottle (i,490-e.c. Riley), L. J. 0. Bartlett (1,003-c.c. Renault).

SEcoND.CLAss AWARDS (open cars) : A. II. Saunders (1,089-e.a. Riley), 0, N. Dear (2,663.c.e. S.S. 100).

F. W. Scott (939-c.c. ALG.).

49 entries. 43 starters, OAP retirement.