I am writing to tell you about a meeting the constructors of racing ears had with Earl Howe and Colonel Barnes at the R.A.C. on Wednesday, February 7th.

This meeting was attended by representatives from H.W.M., Connaught, B.R.M. and Alta. E.R.A. were sending a representative who, unfortunately, did not turn up.

The purpose of the meeting was to bring to the attention of Earl Howe and Colonel Barnes, representing the cornpetitions side of the R.A.C., the findings of a former meeting of the above firms, which had been called by the writer, to agree on their requirements for the next Grand Prix formula. Mr. Pomeroy was present to act as technical adviser to Earl Howe. It was agreed that Earl Howe should attempt, to get the 1″. LA. to agree to the following :—

1. To carry on the present Forriudre I and 2 until the end of 1956 unaltered.

2. superimpose on this formula a fuel limitation for gas turbines of 100litres per 100 kilometres for Formula 1 and 25 litres per 100 kilometres for Formula 2, representing 2.8 m.p.g. and 11.2 rit,p.g.

8. In the event of the F.1 A, insisting upon a fuel limitation for Formula!

and 2, Earl Ilowe Would attempt to ohtain agreement that the above fuel I imitation applied as well.

4. ‘Duct the F.1.A. sluadd have a meeting not later than the end of 1954 to decide the new formulze commencing .lannary, 1957. Various other suggestions were made and discussed at considerable length, but the foregoing was unanimously tarried, and Earl Howe said that he would put these deliberations before the Competitions Committee. with a view. if they agreed with them. to trying to

obtain agreement to them also at the F.I.A. meeting on February 17th in Brussels. I am, Yours, etc.,

Surbiton. GEOFFREY TAYI.OR. [This was a meeting to which the Press apparently was not invited. But as it is the racing-car constructors’ views that matter, inasmuch as they produce the prestige-making racing cars we all wish to see, that is, perhaps, no reason to condemn these further findings on the vexed matter of Britain’s desires in respect of the next G.P. Formula.—En.]