V.S.C.C at Bisley

V.S.C.C. at Bisley

Another Series of driving teats at Ilkley was held by the Vintage S.C.C. on February 18th, and the boys and girls gathered as muclt to admire the ktsserabled ears as to watch the t Ratite-71V res. A hill stop-and-restart failed many. Carlisle's smart 0.M. stopping low down, Firkins' 1914 Hamlett and Elwell Smith's 1928 Aston-Martin half-way up, Hill's 1912 11-ispano-Suiza. getting a bit higher, while Power's 1924

Rolls Twenty. Fisher's Lagonda, Ilay's 1924 Bentley, Steele's 44-litre Bentley, Stronach's 1933 Aston-Martin and Sanders' 3-litre Lagotola stopped high up, and Davies' Austin Seven " Swallow," Capt. Castle's 1926 Rolls Twenty, Ilawkias' Riley, at cost, of its exhaust systela, and Kemp-Place's Ilealey " Silverstone " jinn got over the summit. Waitie's 1926 Alvis, once a saloon, now a stark two-seater, lost its prop.-shaft. and the Bileys of Barr, Boswell Philips and Wood all stopped. Notably tine ascents of the steep, rutted gradient were made by LockharCs 1994 Alcis, Evans' Lancia Lambda, Hull's Alfa-Romeo count(accompanied by a nice smell !), Hennessy's 41-litre invietn, Collins' 2-litre Laganda, Day's very rapid 41-litre Bentley, 13inns' " 30/98 " Vauxhall, Sedgwick's 4Hitre Bentley, Buteller's Riley Nine, Cobbett's Frazer-Nash, Gilling's 1937 Riley, Miss Bode's 1,100-e.e.

Brown's Fraser-Nash, Moore's M.G., Robertson's Austin Seven, Peter Clark's blown Vanguard, which, east away its silencing, and Ferry's 1,750-e.c. Alfaengined G.P. Bugatti. Tulloith's HudsonSp.teial toyed with it and Gattagan's Nash-powered Alfa-Romeo hot-rod and Moss' 4i-litre Bentley sailed up. HarrisMayes, with attractive passenger, blew Hie musical horns of his Vauxhall Velox till the way up, and for noteli of the afternoon-anytIMig but music: to vintage ears.

More tests followed, throughout which kherti's passenger apparently continued to doze in the sternsheets of his Invieta, awl attention was divided between these and the more interesting spectators' ears, amongst which a Pontiac Eight had made a forced binding. We noticed vintage Humber folk holding earnest post-mortents on Twelves and " 14/40s," saw a 1913 Morris-Oxford, 'lumber Eight. " 19/23 " Talbot, and two vast men in a diminutive worm-drive Peugeot, auguring well for the new Light Car Section, and admired a vast-, open Isotta-Frasehini. Results : VINTAGE. CAFS UP TO 1,500 C.C. :

1st : C. Ii.wins (1929 Austin Seven). 2nd ; B. [holing nthwaite 11929 Racy Mao, 3rd II, F. IL Wood (1923 Riley) cud F. It Wieteli:S (1.923 (1wynno—tie. v rSTAUB OARS OVER 1,100 CC.: ist : L. Murray-Austen (1929 3-litre !Agenda). 2nd : S. Sedgniek (1928 4i-litre Bentley) and Capt. Castle (192(1 Bells-Royin Twenty) t isioN-VINTAeg CARR UP TO 1,500 eX,

1St : .1. .1. Buteher (1933 Riley Nine).

2nd : Brown (19;33 Frazer-Nash). 3rd : It. (I. Yonder (1938 B.S..A.).

NON-VINTAGE CARS OVER 1,51St cv,: lit : 1). II. (+Magni) (1933 Alfa-Nash). 2nd: P. C. T. Clark (1949 Sir. Viottolard), .1, 1',

Ferry (11432 liwzatti-Al(a) Awl F. Mom-11837 It -Ur,. Iltmtlo) -/