The "Blue Peter" Cup

The "Blue Peter" Northern Sales Cup, awarded annually by Auto Tyre Services, Ltd., for the best sales of their products, north of a line from Bristol to the Wash, has been won by Messrs. Hurden's, Ltd., of Swansea, and the presentation was made by the Mayor of Swansea, Councillor W. T. Mainwaring Hughes.

The award coincided with the 40th anniversary of Messrs. Hurden's entry into the Motor Trade and the celebration dinner was attended by dealers from all parts of South Wales and representatives from the new tyre manufacturers.

Mr. W. G. W. Bird, managing director of Auto Tyre Services, Ltd., presided, and in the course of his speech he mentioned that Hurden's Ltd., had been valued customers for twenty-five of his firm's twenty-six years of existence and he hoped that they would be trading together for another quarter-century.

The toast of  "The Guests"  was proposed by Mr. W. Mills, northern manager of" Blue Peter," and replies were made by Mr. D. V. Turner, Chief Constable of Swansea, and Mr. H. Dillistone, regional manager of Messrs. Goodyear Tyre and Rubber Co., Ltd.