The Continental season

Last month we had something to say about the fun of (motor) race-going in this country. But excellent as is the sort provided by a host of British organisers in almost every part of the British Isles, it is the ambition of all true enthusiasts to see a Continental road race. The atmosphere is quite unique, with public thoroughfares closed for the occasion, vast and truly knowledgeable crowds of spectators streaming in from far afield in all manner of cars, from the most antiquated and dilapidated Citroëns and Peugeots to exotic Delages, Lago-Talbots, and the like. The town will be agog to glimpse the drivers returning from practice and banners bearing their names will float on high. Everyone, from the barman in your hotel to the old lady selling flowers in the square or the assistant in the shop where you buy expensive scent and nylons for your better half back home with the brats in England, will speak of the forthcoming race -- how Louis Chiron and Rosier will fare and whether Alberto Aseari will yet again show the great Dr. Farina the way.

If you arrive in an odd or costly British car you will be a centre of attraction when you stop to refuel and, as the hot sun (we hope) beats down, your eye (the one not fixed on the road watching the dice of the trams and Topolinos) will doubtless stray to shorts distinctly briefer than the shorts back home and sun-bras that would profoundly shock the Bournemouth Corporation. A Continental mass-start seems just that much fiercer, as the wily anticipate the sag of the tri-colour, than the same kind of start at Silverstone, and after the race is over the happy crowd will show you how to get home in the most rapid manner possible, waving on such G.P. cars as are being driven faster still towards the town.

Yes, try to see a Continental race if you can. Already Motor Sport's  telephone has been ringing with inquiries about dates of such races. Most of them are worth seeing but naturally if your stay abroad is limited by time and/or shortage of currency, you will pick one of the major fixtures to ensure seeing all the truly great drivers in action together, in racing cars which are in the finest possible fettle. Here are the dates of such races this season:

April 26th: Mille Miglia, Italy.

May 14th: G.P. de Luxembourg, Luxembourg.

May 25th: Monaco G.P., Monaco.

June 7th: G.P. de Pays-Bas, Holland.

June 13th/14th: 24-Hour race, Le Mans, France.

June 21st: Belgian G.P., Belgium.

July 5th: French G.P. France.

July 26th: G.P. de Portugal, Lisbon.

Aug. 2nd: German G.P., Nürbug.

Aug. 23rd: Swiss G.P., Berne.

Sept. 13th: Italian G.P., Monza.

Sept. 20th: Modena G.P., Italy.

Sept. 27th: Bari G.P., Italy

Oct. 26th: Spanish G.P., Barcelona

For the full list, beg an International Calendar from the R.A.C. Competition Dept., Pall Mall. London, S.W.1. Most of our inquirers seem to be determined to get to Le Mans. Accommodation is likely to be heavily booked for all the premier races and particularly around Le Mans -- we have: warned you! 

-- And the English

For those who do not assay the high seas or the air-ways, here are the "mustn't be missed" British fixtures in the International Calendar:

April 6th: Easter Meeting, Goodwood, Sussex.

May 9th: B.R.D.C. Silverstone Meeting, Silverstone, Northants.

May 16th: Dundrod Races, Ireland.

May 23rd: Half-Litre Race Meeting, Brands Hatch, Kent.

May 25th: B.A.R.C. Whitsun Meeting, Goodwood, Sussex.

June 18th: B.R.D.C  I.O.M. Sports Car Race, I.O.M.

June 20th: Hill-Climb, Prescott, Glos.

June 27th: Bo'ness Hill-Climb, Scotland.

July 4th: Rest and Be Thankful Hill-Climb, Scotland.

July 9th: B.A.R.C. Sports-Car Race, Jersey, C.I.

July 18th: British G.P., Silverstone, Northants

July 23rd: Bouley Bay Hill-Climb, Jersey, C l.

Aug. 3rd: Half-Litre Meeting, Brands Hatch, Kent.

Aug. 15th: Charterhall Races, Charterhall, Scotland.

Aug. 22nd: B.A.R.C. 9-Hour Sports Car Race, Goodwood, Sussex.

Aug. 29th: Shelsley Walsh Hill-Climb, Worcs.

Sept. 5th: Brighton Speed Trials, Brighton, Sussex.

Sept. 5th: R.A.C. T.T. Race, Dundrod, Ireland.

Sept. 12th: Half-Litre Meeting, Brands Hatch, Kent.

Sept. 20th: B.O.C. Hill-Climb, Prescott, Glos.

Sept. 26th:  B.A.R.C. Autumn Races, Goodwood, Sussex.

New circuits may come into use, such as Aintree with B.A.R.C. races on  June 27th and September 12th,  Crystal Palace and Oulton, and our monthly fixture list should be studied for additions and alterations. As some of their fixtures for 1953 have been incorrectly reported in the Technical Press, the British Automobile Racing Club wish to confirm their principal dates, as follows:

At Goodwood there will be three  international meetings during the season, e.g.,

Easter Monday, April 6th.

Saturday, August 22nd (Nine-Hours Race).

Saturday, September 26th.

Private Club meetings at Goodwood will be on the following dates:

Saturday, March 21st.

Saturday, May 2nd.

Saturday, July 25th.

N. B. Saturday, June 20th, has been cancelled. 

The Club has applied to the International Authorities for their international date originally scheduled for May 25th to be transferred to Saturday June 27th. Subject to this application being favourably received an international meeting at Aintree. Liverpool, is planned for that date.

It must be noted at this stage that plans for Aintree are provisional and subject to confirmation. A definite decision has yet to be made in connection with the whole project, but it is hoped that an announcement can be made within the next week or two. Other provisional Aintree dates are:

Private Club meeting, Saturday, June 13th.

Public meeting, Saturday, September 12th.

Finally, the Club's popular Eastbourne Rally will he held on July 4th/5th.