Safety Glass, or Great Minds Think Alike — II

Last month Motor Sport devoted an Editorial to the danger of having toughened, as distinct from laminated, safety-glass in the windscreen of your car. This important matter has now got as far as a United Nations committee for conference at Geneva.

Earl Howe has admitted that he once bought a car with a toughened glass-screen and “had the glass ripped out at once,” while “Goldie” Gardner admits having had toughened glass go “frosted” three times while he was driving. “I managed to shove a fist or boot through it but I was lucky to get away without injury,” he says. The thought of the 6-ft. colonel putting his leg to the windscreen defies imagination! But the moral is now very clear. Toughened glass is dangerous. It is banned in France, Canada and America, and is soon likely to be in Italy. Britain should do the same.