True's Automobile Year Book-1955.

128 pp. 8 1/2 in. by 11 in. (Fawcett Publications, Inc., Fawcett Building, Fawcett Place,. Greenwich, Conn. 75 cents.)

This is quite one of the best of these Year Books from America which it has been our pleasure to review. This is because the articles are long, informative and not spoilt by Americanese.

Editor John G.Kingdon has persuaded Tom McCahill to review the 1955 American automobiles in his forthright manner, Clyde Carley to recall the model-T Ford in a fascinating discourse, Griff Borgeson to tell us that "Miller Was a Genius," Dennis May to write of Cobbs' Land Speed Record and English Trials, Eugene Jaderquist to delve fascinatingly into the history of Chrysler, Cord and Auburn, and Russ Catlin to describe the three racing Mercedes which were Ralph de Palmer's best-liked cars.

Jaderquist tells us what electric cars were really all about, Kenneth Kincaid reports on gas-turbine cars, Beaumont recounts the story of Four-Wheel-Drive. All the way new facts come to light and the whole book is delightfully illustrated, with many colour photographs and a fine Helck action-painting. George Monkhouse tells of the pre-war German racing cars, Le Mans, Bonneville and the Del Monte Concours d'Elegance are described, S.C.H. Davis writes of the Napier-Railton, and J.W. Freeman gives the truth about the Pegaso, etc.
A very worthwhile Year Book, and wonderful value at the price— why make us wait twelve months for its appearance. True ?—W. B