Mr. Lamebury seems to have had a bad times with car batteries

Mr. Lamebury seems to have had a bad time with car batteries and asks for advice. He wants a good battery and a guarantee that really works, so there is no doubt that what he needs is a Park battery. My last car, a 1936 Riley Lynx Sprite, was a brute to start, having a very high compression engine and a battery lead about 10 ft. long ! I cannot remember how many batteries it had in its early life, but the last three were "Parks," the first two of which lasted through five winters each, and the last one which started giving trouble in its second winter was instantly replaced free by the suppliers, Messrs. Arthur Harrison & Co., of Preston, Lancs.

Incidentally, I cannot speak too highly of the above firm. They have supplied me with spares and repairs to all kinds of antiquated magnetos, dynamos, chargers, etc., and usually by return. Such good service in motor electrical repairs is, in my 32 years of motoring experience, very rare, and deserves to be well known. I have, of course, no connection whatever with Messrs. Harrison nor with the makers of Park batteries.

I am, Yours, etc.,

Ulverston. Leonard Cowcill