I feel I must join the " Topolino " controversy. I owned a 1939 four-seater model for three years, using it mainly in Devon and Cornwall and frequently carrying four adults and a child plus picnic gear. The overall m.p.g. was 39-40 and on my annual London trip (less two adults, but plus luggage) I used to achieve a 30-m.p.h. average and an honest 50 m.p.g. In my opinion the springing and steering were outstanding and the remoteness of the engine gave a big-car feeling. My main criticisms were the poor power-weight ratio, difficult starting-handle access, and low ground clearance (exhaust pipe elbow).

I enjoyed my three years of Fiat motoring, although it had obvious drawbacks, in filling the gap between my old Morgan three-wheeler and my present 4/4! As regards the new Allard Clipper, why shouldn't a 346-c.c. (8 b.h.p.) car of 6-7 cwt. carry three adults and two children if the 2 c.v. (375 c.c., 9 b.h.p.„ weight 10 cwt.) carries four adults to the Editor's satisfaction ? May I say, in conclusion, how much I enjoy the Road Tests and Letters from Readers in your honest-to-goodness magazine.

I am, Yours, etc.

Liskeard. G.Russell esq.