Vintage to the last . . .



In reply to R. Bartle’s letter in defence of a +(2) p.c. Ultra Lucia. may I, as another madman, extol the virtues of a vintage era transporter ? I have got a Lucia Miniplus, which, though a little older (albeit an atmosphere bigger) than Mr. Bartle’s missile, it’s slightly faster—making the outward journey to Orbit XII Pluto in —4.736 hours Mondial.

Unfortunately, I lost the telescopic tele-adjuster to my supersonic radar control on the last Plutonian journey and as I was neither able to stop my rocket and pick up the piece, nor able to get a spare on Pluto, my faithful steed is laid up. Instead, I am obliged to use a Lucia Superplusplus—a horribly modern “do-all” gadget—and to continue my vain hunt for a replacement. Would any enthusiast please help a fellow in trouble ?

My heartiest congratulations to ” Superlucal Speed Sport” (formerly Motor Sport) for quick transmission [we receive news in —.91 Martian zircs on Pluto] of highly interesting reading matter.

I am, Yours, etc.,

“Clotus Meniacus.”

Domicile 5b (27) +, Xyrcy. Pluto (Orbit X).

[And to think that I always switch off the B.B.C. when that old fashioned “Jet Morgan” comes on!—Ed.]

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