Monte Carlo flash-back.

This year's Monte Carlo Rally produced an excellent tale of good sportsmanship. When Ray Merrick's Standard Eight suffered a stone in its radiator near Carlisle another car of the same sort was seen outside a public house. The owner was persuaded by Merrick, in the middle of a snooker match, to swap radiators, after his father's permission had been obtained. Presumably the damaged radiator would suffice for the snooker-player's drive home, but not for the journey Carlisle-Monte Carlo. This is reminiscent of those happy days when a G.N. or Bugatti owner, for instance, would drive down to Brooklands to watch a race, leaving his car near the railings, and on his return would find a cylinder or the radiator missing—robbed to enable a stricken competing car to resume its race, often without permission.

In applauding the Scotsman's sportsmanship may we express the hope that his car has been restored to normal and that he was rewarded by learning that his generous gesture enabled the little British car to complete its journey.