The Ford controversy.

I admire your journal very much, especially regarding your mentioning the names of cars which have not been a source of pleasure to their owners. Other national motor magazines being frightened of losing advertising space refuse to mention any car by name in their "Letters from Readers" columns.

I have now topped the 700,000-mile mark driving cars of many types. Goodness knows how many more miles could be added to the above figure if I could remember the mileage done on motorcycles in the earlier days.

I had several cars on order in 1951 and to my surprise I got delivery of a Ford Consul. I cannot say it has been trouble-free but, up to date (55,000 miles), I have had no engine, clutch, gearbox or back-axle complaints.

However, what I really wish to say is that the Consul is the finest car I have driven as regards cornering and roadholding, especially in wet weather, and although I am usually alone in the car I have yet to put weights, etc., in the "boot."

Some few weeks ago I was driving towards South Wales, taking things easily, when a modern Jaguar saloon and an A70 passed me having a "scrap." The thought passed through my mind that the road ahead had many curves and corners, so I set off in pursuit and, believe it or not, I passed both cars within the next seven miles. What the drivers of those cars thought when I took my hat off as I passed them (to show my old bald head) I cannot surmise.

My complaint with the Ford people is that they could and should improve the car inside; better seating, etc., especially the driver's seat. Another Consul is on order for spring delivery.

I am, Yours. etc.,

Totley. "Uncle Ben."