The Ford controversy.

I feel I must reply to the letter of your correspondent N. Bradpiece. He states that "there is no other vehicle in the same price bracket which offers the advantages of the Zephyr." Has Mr. Bradpiece heard of the Vauxhall Velox ? Compare its performance figures with those of the Zephyr. Acceleration from rest to 30 m.p.h., Velox 5.6 sec., Zephyr 6.2 sec.; to 60 m.p.h., Velox 20.4 sec., Zephyr 21.9 sec. Acceleration from 30-50 m.p.h. in second gear, Velox 7.4 sec., Zephyr 9.4 sec., and not 7.75 sec. as recorded by N. Bradpiece. The petrol consumption of the Velox is far superior to the Zephyr, being 31 m.p.h. at a constant 50 m.p.h., as compared with 26 m.p.g. of the Zephyr. Maximum speed is 3 m.p.h. greater in the Velox. Incidentally, the Velox is a roomier car, the length front dashboard to rear seat being 69 in. on the Velox and 66 in. on the Zephyr, and the width of the inside from door to door being 53 1/2 in. to 50 in. Naturally with the considerable advantages the Velox has one would expect to find it in a higher price range than the Zephyr, whereas the corresponding prices are, actually, Velox £759 0s. 10d. and Zephyr £754 15s. 10d, By a small calculation it will be found that the Velox has covered the difference in price in under 600 miles.

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Gidea Park. F. A. Strew..