A new British high-performance car ?

Mr. Bishop may not like this, but recent correspondance and articles lead me to suggest that if the Nuffield Organisation were to ring the changes a little more than they did for the last Motor Show they could produce a very attractive little sports saloon.

Over the years the Nuffield group have produced an outstanding engine and a first-class body-cum-chassis unit. First, the M.G. Midget engine in its latest TF form—capable of owner development by factory-approved methods—and, secondly, the Morris Minor body and suspension—which by all accounts and my experience, has excellent roadholding and cornering qualities—which deserves better things than a Morris side-valve Series E or a B.M.C. 803-c.c. o.h.v.

Now, Mr. Bishop, persuade the powers that be to : (a) Put a TF engine-gearbox unit in a two-door Morris Minor body. (b) Increase the brake friction lining area to at least 150 sq. in. (c) Alter the rear-axle ratio to 4.5 or even 4.0. (d) Offer the car as a four-seater, or two-seater by removing the rear seat and re-trimming.

Then, Mr. Bishop, you will have earned your keep, because your company will then be besieged with orders, including mine, for a very potent sports saloon approaching the attractiveness of the Alfa-Romeo Guilietta sprint coupe with a maximum speed of 90 m.p.h.+ at a price of £599 13s.4d. including costs. As an accountant. Mr. Bishop, I know something about costs.

I am, Yours, etc.,

London. S.W.19. A.A. York.