Book reviews

Edited by Bill Gavin. 236 pp. 12-5/8 in. x 9-3/8 in. (Autocourse Publications, Ltd., Room 14, 60, Great Russell Street, London,W.C.1. 50s.)

This annual publication, taken over from a journal which found itself unable to maintain the high ideals of producing a supplement giving detailed racing results with lap times for every car throughout each race, carries on this noble service, backed up by articles on other facets of motor-racing—Mundy on F.1 and the Future, Indianapolis by Phipps, Rallies by Sprinzel, and the big American bangers by Grant.

There is a section devoted to the leading G.P. drivers, with full-page portraits, nor has the producer been able to resist a similar section covering women in the sport. The leading G.P. cars are illustrated, and their specifications published. Jim Clark writes the Foreword, there is a tribute to Moss, and the lesser races and rallies are covered.

It is most beautifully done, with advertisements to match but, unless you require detailed G.P. lap times, there is little that contemporary reports or "Automobile Year" cannot provide just as well—and the unfortunate thing is that by the time this book is on the market it is over a year out of date. — W.B.