And now--Old Funeral Vehicles!

The Funeral Vehicle Preservation Society has been recently formed with the object (inter alia) of purchasing, preserving and running all types of funeral vehicles, motorised or horse drawn. It is intended later this year to hold meetings and rallies with vehicles of this class. Unfortunately, today most hearses and limousines are sold for spares and are then broken up. In this way many fine specimens are thus lost for ever. May I therefore appeal to your readers who know of any vehicles of this type to forward full particulars to the undersigned. Condition is immaterial as we undertake complete restoration where necessary. Finally anyone possessing any literature about funerals or photographs of funeral vehicles is requested to forward them to the Society. These will be returned if so requested.

Any person interested in the Society and its objects is requested to communicate with me. A small annual subscription entitles one to participate in our activities and to receive our bi-monthly newsletter.

Beckenham. E. M. Kendall. Registrar, Funeral Vehicle Preservation Society.