A satifactory kit-car, the Turner

With the thought of your March 1963 report still fresh in my mind. I decided not to buy a Lotus. I must add here that the offer made for my own car in part-exchange was very good, the highest I had had.

So I turned to inquiries to other kit-cars and finally settled for a Turner. I have no complaints to make about the assembly; it took two of us approximately thirty hours to complete, everything falling into place. Apart from an over-sight on my part in the constructing, which cost me thirty pounds to put right, I have spent just under ten pounds for spares, in two and a half years. At this point I ought to mention that I have never waited longer than five days, usually four, for spares to come down from Wolverhampton by post. I have covered just over 31.,000 miles at an :average 44 m.p.g. and 700 miles per pint of oil.

Generally the ride is a little hard even for a sports car, and the road-holding in the wet leaves much to be desired, probably due to the Pirelli Extraflex tyres, which were fitted at the time of purchase, even though the pressures I use are 10 p.s.i. front and 12 p.s.i. rear. These tyres are very good in dry weather, and have worn extremely well.

The interior finish, carpets, seating, weatherproofing, etc., are far superior to the Lotus, but then it did cost that little bit more.

The performance with the 948 c.c. unmodified engine I have found to be approximately equivalent to the M.G. Midget.

Summing it up, I have been well satisfied with the choice I made, and I think that the time has now come for me to make a change. I have been seriously thinking of an, dare I ?—Elan.

Stonewood. H.E. Harris.