Cars for non-enthusiasts


Magazines may come, magazines may go, but MOTOR SPORT’s sheer professional touch has always made me a regular subscriber, therefore it is with regret that I must complain about your anti-Jaguar campaign.

I am a car enthusiast and, although I now own a Jaguar, it is only because I consider it a commendable car. If there was a better one at the price I would have had it, therefore please let Mr. Lyons ramble on about non-enthusiasts and their ilk and we will ramble on about cars—thank God!

Anyway, carry on the good work, and many happy months of motoring ahead wished to your editorial staff.

Michael Whitehead.

[Motoring even in an XJ6, perhaps, unless Jaguar’s PRO still considers that we are the wrong magazine to comment on Jaguar cars! But there is no anti-Jaguar campaign; they said their cars are not normally appreciated by enthusiasts, we didn’t.—E.D.]