The "Sunday Times" and Mr. Dodd

In the January Motor Sport, page 29, we dealt with the Sunday Times’ remarkable faith in Mr. Dodd’s claim of a sustained 138 m.p.h. from a Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud III. The Sunday Times had involved us in these claims, so we suggested an amicable settlement in the form of a test by the newspaper’s motoring correspondent and ourselves of the Dodd R-R.

As we had not heard from them its time for last month’s issue we telephoned the Sunday Times in February. Their motoring chap, through his secretary, professed little knowledge of the matter and referred us back to advertising, who had already washed their hands of it. Their motoring girl was going to ring back, but didn’t. So we conclude that the Sunday Times has developed cold feet and that it is game, set and match to Motor Sport.