V-E-V odds and ends

What appears to be a circa-1913 LGOC-B-type/Daimler bus is serving as the basis of a caravan, later developed into a bungalow, in Yorkshire, but may eventually be scrapped. Apparently it was driven to its present site but the engine has since disappeared; chassis, gearbox, axles and solid-tyred wheels remain. A recent Kenning publication recalls the early days of the Group, when soon after WW1, Sir George Kenning gave William Morris (later Lord Nuffield) his first fleet order, for 181 Morris two-seaters, destined for Shell-Mex. Later, from the original Manchester premises a fleet of Morris one-tonner caterpillar-track trucks was shipped by Kenning to Abadan, for the Anglo-Persian Oil Co.

Sir George wrote a cheque for £62,924 to Morris Motors Ltd in 1927, when he bought all that Company’s surplus stock. George Kenning, JP, CC, is seen in a photograph about to leave the grass aerodrome of Coal Aston for Heston, in the Blackburn Bluebird biplane No. 14 that he flew in a King’s Cup air race—apparently displaying racing numbers before a race was regarded as less offensive in the air than on the road. Another picture shows Kenning distributing Shell fuel before the motor-industry began, by horse-drawn tanker. Founded nearly 100 years ago, the Kenning Group is still directed by two men, the third generation of the family, and today consists of over 300 depots and three factories, conducting operations in four countries, employing more than 8,000 people and having a turnover of around £75-million.

The Wolseley Register’s Sixth Annual Rally is scheduled for June 27th at Husbands Bosworth Airfield, Leics. Renault are celebrating the 70th anniversary of their service to owners in this country with a cavalcade of early Renaults to Penshurst for a two-day rally on May 15/16th. A. Daunt-Bateman encountered a high-chassis 4 1/2-litre Invicta in Cyprus some weeks ago. It is thought to have been brought in by a serving officer, probably before the war, has been on blocks for ten years in a Nicosia garage but is now being restored. An AJS small car which has been stored in Kent for many years, fitted with a Jowett back axle, is likely to be restored.

A reader wishing to study air race history wishes to obtain between-wars issues of The Aeroplane. If the Royal Mail is ever reintroduced, letters can be forwarded.