Elusive Alfetta GT




In thy past several months I have become increasingly dismayed on buying your excellent magazine, that there has been no Road Test, driving impressions, let alone a mere mention amongst the plethora of Allegros, Datsuns, Hillmans and other “ordinary” cars that are well catered for by your lesser competitors, of the Alfetta GT. Surely this is just the sort of car the sporting enthusiasts that buy Motor Sport wish to read your views on?

Can we hope that this glaring omission will soon he put right.

Wimbledon John A. M. Bull

[ Slightly wrong Mr. Bull. We published a brief description and driving impressions as long ago as August 1974. Perhaps because those impressions weren’t all that complimentary we have had no success in the months of trying to extract a test car from Alfa-Romeo GB. Indeed, they even foiled an attempt to borrow one from a willing dealer. However, we are assured that a brand new Alfetta GT will be sent our way sometime this month. Hopefully—and tentatively —we plan a road test for the May issue. —Ed.]