Sticking one's neck out




Through the pages of your excellent publication I should like to bring to the notice of all enthusiasts the latest anti-sport regulation thrust upon them by the RAC. I refer of course to the iniquitous regulation by which all cars produced after 1-1-65 are required to fit a full FIA roll-over bar even to compete in their clubs annual sprint!

I can fully understand a full race prepared car having to have such a roll-over bar, but surely for an enthusiast’s every day road car this is taking things a little too far. With licence fees going up once again; increased entry fees, now this final blow which could cost upwards of £100 for some cars, I can see the end of Club Sport we knew, loved, and enjoyed.

If you could see your way to publish this letter, or mention this disgrace in your editorial it may spur people on to protest; this is the only way to make Belgrave Square see sense.

Worcester Chas. Smith

Hon. Sec., The Morgan SCC