Lancia-Ferrari Group C contender



Although a Ferrari engined Lancia is not a new phenomenon — there was the six-cylinder Dino powered Stratos rally car of the mid-70s — the unveiling in February of the new Group C Endurance car from the Turin manufacturer caused quite a stir, as the lightweight (810 kg.) two-seater is powered by a new 2.6-litre V8 from Maranello. Although utilising parts from the 2,927 cc. Ferrari 308GTBi engine, this 2,598 c.c. twin-turbocharged Gp. C engine is essentially “new”. No power output figures were issued at the unveiling, but in excess of 700 b.h.p. is confidently predicted. Nucleus of the two-car team, which will contest the entire ten round Endurance Championship, starting with the Monza 1000 kms. on April 10th, will be Brabham and Tyrrell Grand Prix drivers Riccardo Patrese and Michele Alboreto, as well as Teo Fabi / Piercarlo Ghinzani. Patrese and Alboreto’s Grand Prix commitments will however take precedence over their sports car appearances. Martini Lancia have however confirmed that Patrese / Alboreto, Fabi / Ghinzani will drive at Monza, Silverstone and the Nürburgring. Further back-up during the season will come from Alessandro Nannini / Corrado Fabi as well as German pair Hans Heyer / Rolf Stommelen who will be included in a three-car entry for Le Mans.