Grand Prix, by Trevor R Griffiths. Bloomsbury 500pp, £16.99.

As we pointed out when we reviewed the fruits of Trevor Griffiths' extensive labours first time around, the information contained within will be out of date as soon as the next Grand Prix takes place.

For all that, we stick by our original verdict that it is a valuable reference work. The office copy of the first edition is rich in thumb prints from extensive use.

As a further bonus, it's also easy to use.

The book has been appended to include the 1992 season, and now also features comprehensive statistics pertaining to all constructors who have participated in World Championship events from 1950-1992. This rich tapestry tells you that Aston-Butterworth (two GPs, two retirements) has a mildly more glorious GP history than Rebaque-Ford (one GP, one retirement).

The complete absence of photographs between the covers (one N Mansell now adorns the front, in glorious technicolour) makes the text a little daunting at first, but the print is actually quite easy on the eye.

Can't imagine that everyone who bought the first one will necessarily want to update their records season by season in this fashion, but we'll certainly continue to treasure its usefulness.