Out of order


It is with great regret that I have instructed my newsagent to cancel my monthly subscription to MOTOR SPORT, and felt that I should tell you why.

I have followed the Grand Prix season avidly through TV and your pages. The constant criticism of Nigel Mansell has finally decided me to make the break with your magazine. I am extremely patriotic and cannot understand that your writers are unable to feel even remotely the same way.

Yes, we all have faults - don't we? But Nigel Mansell has so many that in spite of winning the World Championship for Great Britain he is still no good, and yet, that liar, cheat, non-sportsman, who will try to win fair and usually foul, Ayrton Senna, can do virtually no wrong!

Well, I shall miss my monthly fix of MOTOR SPORT old and new, but will not miss the almost constant criticism of British goods (note, one of the manufacturers of gear systems was treated to an extremely condescending and arrogant reply recently) and building up of imported products which has finally brought me to this.

David B Rees, Church Stretton, Shropshire.

DSJ and I both speak as we find. Sorry if that doesn't match your own observations — DJT.