Greasy fields


I am writing because I fear that we may all be concerned over the same issue. That is, possible changes in public liability laws which may come into being as part of the current drive for single standards across Europe.

These possible changes in the rules alarm me as a fan of grasstrack motorsport, as they could effectively end it in this country.

It is considered that the average oval stock car track could need a 10ft high fence around it to protect the public. However, since most grass tracks are temporary facilities, situated in farmers’ fields, and the construction of such a fence would need the consent of the local planning permission committee. This, in turn, would change the usage of the land from a farmer’s field to something else, ie a permanent race track.

I fear that most clubs would be unable to remain open. due to the lack of both permission and funds.

This could effect such sports as stock car racing, hillclimbing, trials driving, banger racing, motocross, trials riding, grass track speedway, sprinting and many other forms of racing.

Such activities occupy huge numbers of people in a positive and enjoyable hobby. It would be a terrible waste to see it all forced into extinction by Eurocrats.

I have written to several MPs (some of whom are members of the House of Commons Motor Club, and are hopefully on racing’s side) about this matter, to enlist their support in resisting these changes. I have yet to hear their opinions on this issue, but I hope that all branches of the sport will be aware of the possible changes and will try to stop any new rules which could be detrimental to amateur motorsport.

R Peter Cook, Selsdon, Surrey.