Watch It!

According to Christopher Booker, in his Comment column in the Sunday Telegraph, the latest folly, or one of them, from the EC in Brussels is the edict that commercial vehicles drivers who wear glasses but fail an eye-sight test without them may no longer be able to drive their trucks and vans, because their HGV driving licences will not be renewed. With the loss of thousands of jobs, presumably. What abject nonsense!

The Highway Code of this country stipulates that you must be able to read a number plate at a given distance, with glasses if normally worn which is exactly what glasses are for. Stiffer eye-sight tests may well be introduced which will take off the road many perfectly safe drivers who have been using their vehicles for years — but if these tests have to be taken sans glasses, Heaven help a great many of us… Watch it! If you still can after the EC has got at you, that is. W B