Your reference in January's edition to visiting Marcos Cars with Jenks some years ago needs a little explanation of what you saw.

At the time of your visit Dennis Adams (who sits beside me as I write) was the designer of the then-new Marcos 1800. I was the development engineer. Dennis had a request to design a new church spire for Colerne RAF camp church, located near the airfield which had Army, Navy and Airforce stationed there. The design was accepted and Novoplas, one of the companies at Marcos Cars, constructed the components. Final assembly was completed and a unique design of cross fitted.

Amongst great publicity (the local newspaper) the spire was moved into a nearby field, a helicopter arrived, lifted it, flew to Colerne Church, and lowered it into position where it still remains.

I remember your visit because you drove off in a Marcos 1800 for a test, but a little later we received a call that you had broken down in Upavon. I was sent with a replacement car for you to continue whilst I sorted the problem on the first car. This was probably in 1964.

I am, yours, etc. Terry Singer, Upper Westwood, Wilts