Beauty is simplicity




I write regarding the current state of Formula One which is stale and not very exciting, a fact proved by your superb February 2000 issue.

After gazing at the superb ‘Parting Shot’ photo of the McLaren M23 at Paul Ricard I believe the FIA should revert F1 cars back to basics such as fat slick tyres, they should outlaw electronic aids such as paddle changes, ban aerodynamic appendages and let us see simple, beautiful race cars.

We would see cars that oversteer and behave much better if the simple changes were brought in. I also believe turbos should be allowed again as I reckon that they would also improve the quality of what is served up at the moment. Irvine with a 1000bhp turbo would be a sight to behold.

We need to sort out the sport before it becomes too technical and implodes.


Ian Giles, Solihull, West Midlands