Donington exhibits head for track

The first Lola Grand Prix car will be back on track this season, after 31 years in the Donington collection. Chassis BRGP41, which John Surtees drove for the Bowmaker team at the Brussels GP in 1962, was discovered in Australia and reimported.

“It’s like being in a time warp,” says new owner Nigel Kemp, who may field the Eric Broadley design, powered by a four-cylinder CoventryClimax FPF engine (the three later chassis all ran with V8s) as soon as May’s Monaco GP Historique.

Kemp already runs the famous ex-Sid Taylor/Denny Hulme Lola T70 Spyder, and has a second in restoration. Bob Sands and Colin Blower will continue to race the sportscars.

he unique Tec-Mec F415, an illstarred Maserati 250F evolution by Valerio Colotti, has also left Donington. The independently sprung, discbraked machine — which used a 250F engine and transaxle — made an inauspicious appearance in the 1959 American GP at Sebring. Raced briefly by Tony Merrick in the ’70s, it has been acquired by Barrie Baxter.

New exhibits, including a series ofJordan Formula One cars (a special Donington race meeting celebrates the marque’s 10th anniversary on September 2/3), a Stewart-Ford, a BAR and a six-wheeled Tyrrell have prompted these sales. MP