It Still Beats Working

By Eoin Young ISBN 0851840698, Published by Transport Bookman, £19.99

This is the pick-me-up for anyone who is feeling jaded with the politics and solemnity of modern racing.

Eoin Young is a man who has life very much in perspective. More than that, he has fitted many lifetimes of fun into the past 40 years in and around the international racing set, rubbing shoulders with the stars and now telling the stories that offer a glimpse of the fun and games behind the scenes.

Begged to tell some of the tales that hadn’t made it into his first autobiography, It Beats Working, Young has written a book packed with vignettes such as the pick of his pub lunches with a guest list of greats, the wild opening lap of the 1966 Belgian GP, Roy Salvadori on managing Jochen Rindt at Cooper, driving a Bugatti Type 59 and Piers Courage upbraiding him in the nicest way possible. BSJ